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Oh. Alex did actually speak to Angie on The Bachelorette. And it's Ciarran's fault we missed it.

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Yes, the rumours are true, there was indeed a contestant named Alex McKay on this season of The Bachelorette.

You know… the brunette, long-haired man who wasn’t Timm or Ciarran. The one who kind of looks like Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) from Game of Thrones or Thorin (Richard Armitage) of The Hobbit??

Yeah, we wanted to see more of his face too.

Although the 26-year-old Gold Coast landscaper and footballer didn’t get a lot of screen time, we can confirm via a phone interview (and a few pieces of scrappy Channel 10 footage), that he was definitely there. In fact, he shared multiple conversations with Angie, which we didn’t see.

“Yeah, [watching myself for] seven seconds was quite entertaining,” he joked to Mamamia.

“I actually spent quite a bit of time with Angie. It was mostly at cocktail parties [but] we did have a couple of special moments. She took me out for oysters and wine, and we had quite a lengthy chat which was nice.

“That got the ball rolling with our connection.”

As for why we weren’t shown said footage, we can blame that on a tragic case of poor timing. Their “moment” happened on the night of Ciarran’s dramatic walkout, and was thus edited out of the episode.

Speaking about their lost conversations, Alex said they mainly talked about their families. Like Angie, the Adelaide-born, state AFL-player also comes from a family of three – he has a twin brother, Zak, and older brother Mitch. However, he lost his father, Mark, in 2017 from cancer. His mum, Ilona, 58, still lives in Adelaide, where she works as a beautician.


“We were trying to get to know each other in a short space. It is dating on steroids, so you ask deep questions early on. It was mostly about family, and we’re there, and what we wanted to get out of it, and so on,” he said.

“We had a conversation about my dad passing away which got pretty personal. That would have been a good conversation to show people why I am the way I am.”


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Really, the true injustice of this situation was that despite his self-confessed “quiet achiever” status, Alex was actually the man responsible for the bulk of last night’s drama. During the pre-rose ceremony “intimate dining setting” group date, the final six were asked whether they’d applied for any previous seasons of The Bachelorette. Ryan admitted that he had gone through the audition process for Ali Oetjen’s 2018 season of The Bachelorette.

Something Alex was 100 per cent already aware of.

“I was the one who threw Ryan under the bus with that question,” he said laughing.

“I don’t think Ryan [knows it was me], but he probably does now.”

Watch the moment Ryan shares his secret with Angie. Post continues below.

Video by Channel 10

Still, while Alex said he’s disappointed he didn’t get a bit more air time, he acknowledged that his “edit” could have been worse.

“I could have been edited to be a stage-10 clinger like Jamie.”

And look, the phrase is ‘stage-five clinger’, but we’ll let that pass.

the bachelorette alex
Alex's face says it all. Image: Channel 10.

As for what he'd do differently if he was to reappear on reality TV, Alex admitted that he's more than keen to get him and his man bun on Bachelor in Paradise.

"I'd love to. I couldn't jump on that plane fast enough, but maybe this time I'd take off my shirt or something," he joked.

And at least he's learned from his mistakes.

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