PSA: Aldi is re-releasing its $25 dutch oven that's a dupe for a fancy $429 one.

Crock pot lovers, rejoice.

Aldi is releasing a $25 crock pot next Saturday, May 30, and it’s being compared to a very fancy Le Creuset version.

The crock pots were previously released in 2018 and 2019 – and literally sold out “within seconds”.

After they were first on sale in 2018, Aldi Lovers Australia posted an image of the Aldi pot to their Facebook page, eliciting a range of comments about the sale.

“There were about 30 people lined up including me ready for the doors to open. Dutch Oven and French pans were all gone in seconds. Wish I had of got the French pan also,” one woman commented.

“My local store pretty much sold out of the 20cm and 28cm pans this morning. In fact a family filled up 4 trolleys with these,” wrote another.

Instagram bargain hunter Luxe and Lemonade is a huge fan of the range.

“I’ve had mine for over a year and swear by it,” Luxe and Lemonade told her followers. “I’ve been pretty impressed.”

Speaking to Mamamia, she added that it’s almost identical to her mini Le Creuset.

“I use it for pretty much everything. Soups, stews, veggies, bolognese, curries, chilli,” she said.

“The quality is equal to that of the Le Creuset one (I have a mini one which cost me my unborn child) and cannot tell the difference if I tried,” she added.

She also added images of the pan to her Instagram story, raving about the quality of the Aldi pot.

aldi pan
Image: Instagram.

She even compared the pot to the $429 Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Oval Casserole dish.

aldi pot
Image: Instagram.

There are two pots to keep your eye on in the sale.

The first is the $24.99 3.7L  Cast Iron Dutch Oven crockpot. 

aldi pan
That is one sexy crockpot. Image: Aldi.

It boasts a durable three-layer enamel coating and is oven safe to 200 degrees, as well as being dishwasher safe.

The crockpot is suitable for all stovetops, and comes in black, red, white and blue.

It's 23cm by 12cm excluding the lid, which is perfect for a big batch of chilli con carne.

The second is the $26.99 3.2L Cast Iron French Pan.

aldi pan
Also very sexy. Image: Aldi.

Much like the pot's bustier brother, the French pot offers a three-layer enamel coating, is oven safe to 200 degrees and is dishwasher safe.

It's available in all the same colours and is 30cm by 6cm (again excluding the lid).

As a bonus, Aldi is also selling cast iron trivets for $7.99 each as well as matching silicone and wood utensils for $3.99 each.

We see a frittata on the horizons.

The sale starts on Saturday, May 30, at all participating Aldi stores.