The Kmart leggings for under $20 that'll make you feel like a fitspo queen.


Remain calm.

There’s a pair of leggings at Kmart for under $20 that just might inspire you to start going to the gym.

…Or at least give you an active-wear wardrobe staple that’ll fool people into thinking you do.

Affordable style blogger Tina Abeysekara has reviewed the oh-so-flattering high-waisted pair on her Trash to Treasured Instagram story/bible and we need them in our lives.

Here’s why:

  1. They’re $18.
Hello leggings, you will be ours soon.

You can snap 'em up and still have change for a large McDonald's fries, which you can totally eat guilt-free because buying active wear is pretty much the same as exercising.


2. They'll hold in your FUPA, among other things.


All we need in a pair of leggings is something that'll give the ~illusion~ that we exercise a lot, but feel like wearing pyjamas so we can lounge around in them when we can't be bothered putting on real clothes.

For all the reasons Tina's listed above, it sounds like these will do just the trick.

3. You can bend over without showing everyone your bum.


We've all been there - you've bent over to pick something up (or done some squats at the gym, whatever floats your boat) and accidentally revealed your pink undies through your leggings. Woopsies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Well in these bad boys, those days are over.

They're also washable, dryable, and apparently 'feel like a second skin'.

AND they come in a range of different patterns and colours.

Brb, going to Kmart.