PSA: ALDI is selling a $300 robot that vacuums and mops your floor while you don't lift a finger.


If there is any task worse than vacuuming, it has to be mopping the floors.

Both are time consuming, monotonous and your lower back definitely hates you for it.

So, the idea of having someone – no wait, something – deal with the worst of household chores while you get another episode deep in a Netflix binge or are out living your best life sounds delightful.

ALDI Ecovacs Robotics’ robot vacuum DEEBOT OZMO 610
Ummm, yes please. Image: Supplied.

It also sounds expensive, right? But ALDI - yes, the same ALDI who bring us award-winning cheap wine and couches for our dogs - has our backs.

Introducing Ecovacs Robotics’ robot vacuum the DEEBOT OZMO 610, a.k.a your new best friend.


On Saturday, March 16 the robot vacuum will be included as a Special Buy item at ALDI. You'll have to be quick - it will only remain on shelves until sold out.

Similar machines can cost upwards of $800, but for just $299 this machine will mop and vacuum your house without you having to lift a finger (well, other than to tell it to do its thing via its app or your Google Home or Amazon Alexa).

Ecovacs Robotics’ robot vacuum DEEBOT OZMO 610
You can control the vacuum from its app. Which means there is no need to get off the couch! Image: Ecovacs.

You can give the device specific instructions about where to clean and it'll see itself back to its home dock when its battery is low or the job is done.


Reviews for the same device on Appliances Online are positive, with one describing it as an "excellent vacuum" that is quiet and can navigate furniture gently.

Another said it is easy to use and allows them more time to do what they want, which is definitely not housework!

It sounds like a steal, tbh and we can't wait to never need to mop the floor ever again.

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