Moments after checking into their Airbnb, a couple made a creepy discovery in the bedroom.


Okay, so I have a confession, and I know I’m not alone with this one.

One of the first things I do when I arrive at an Airbnb is take a comprehensive sticky-beak through the bathroom drawers.

And the kitchen cupboards, pantry and fridge.

And any other drawers/cupboards in the main living areas.

I swear I refrain from poking around in their bedroom, but I still know I shouldn’t be so nosy. I’m just curious to see how other people live, and I’d be mortified if I was ever caught out by the host,  who has to have some level of trust when letting a stranger into their home.

Well, a couple holidaying in Canada made a chilling discovering which revealed their host wasn’t so trusting.

They had actually installed a spy camera in a clock to see what their guests got up to.

But the creepiest thing is…it was pointed at the bed.

Glasgow man Dougie Hamilton, 34, was staying in Toronto with his girlfriend when he found the camera. He told the Daily Record: “We were only in the place for 20 minutes when I noticed the clock.

“It was connected to a wire like a phone charger which wasn’t quite right. The weirdest thing was, I’d seen a video on Facebook about cameras and how they could be hidden and they had a clock with one in it, too.”

Admitting he initially didn’t want to be “that crazy guy that checks a digital clock for cameras”, Mr Hamilton decided to go with his gut and investigate.

“I took the charger out of it and saw there was a lithium battery in the back. At this point, I slid the front facing off the clock and could see there actually was a camera,” he said.

The clock...Innocent enough, right? Source: Facebook.
NOPE. Source: Facebook.

He called the police and notified Airbnb right away, who issued a refund, provided alternative accommodation and have said they will launch an investigation.

Speaking to The Sun, a spokesperson for Airbnb said: "We take privacy issues extremely seriously and have a zero tolerance policy for this behaviour."

Mamamia previously asked Airbnb about their policy surrounding surveillance.

According to Airbnb’s Standards & Expectations, “you should not spy on other people”. However, a host is allowed to have surveillance devices in their listings as long as they are disclosed in advance in the House Rules section in the original listing.

“Cameras are never allowed in listings unless they are previously disclosed by the host and visible in the listing, and they are never allowed in private spaces, such as bathrooms or sleeping areas,” Airbnb spokesman Julian Crowley said.

So Mr Hamilton's Toronto host was definitely in the wrong, and we will be suspicious of digital clocks in Airbnbs from this day forward.