Zoe Foster Blake admits to the weirdest place she's worn active wear on The Project.

There are few trends as forgiving as the active wear/sports luxe/athleisure trend.

Call it what you will: the fashion Gods and Goddesses have yanked us out of skinny jeans and slid us into sneakers.

The topic came up on Monday night’s episode of The Project after Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake discussed their new roles as Bonds ambassadors.

If you haven’t seen their hilarious ad, watch it below. Post continues after video… 

Co-host Carrie Bickmore proudly admitted she wore her active wear as frequently as she could.

“I honestly am that person who wears active wear everywhere,” she said. “In fact, I’m surprised not wearing it tonight.”

The co-host even joked she wore active wear underneath the panel table.

“These guys would vouch, often underneath, I’m wearing active wear,” she said.

Source: Screenshot/Network 10.

Bickmore then asked skin-care founder for the weirdest place she's worn her active wear.

Zoe quickly jumped the leisurewear bandwagon to reveal her own guilt-licked love.

"I'm bad. I wear trainers with everything with a dress, skirts," she said.

Zoe said the sports luxe trend brought a liberating change to women's style.

"Girls can sneak in hoodies and leggings and so on where they wouldn't normally," she said. "It's become proper legitimate fashion."

Source: Screenshot/Network 10.

Husband and entertainer Hamish admitted he sported the trend on a weekly basis.

"I wear active shorts... at least once a week," he said.

Hamish agreed the style was the perfect excuse to choosing comfort over traditionally restricting choices.

"We're getting away with comfort and we can pretend it's a fad," he said.

Source: Screenshot/Network 10.

Hamish and Zoe starred in the latest ad for Bonds that pits the two against one another in a 'gym-off'.

The only 'gym-off' I've had with a partner is when we decided we couldn't be arsed so we went for dinner instead.

So, you know, #goals.