Actually MAKE money on next year's tax return with these resolutions.

The thought of all of that tax return money coming my way never fails to fill me with happiness. It doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars or anything. Just enough to have a bit of fun or treat myself.

I do sometimes consider using it for something sensible like adding to my savings or super however those thoughts are quickly replaced with wardrobe overhauls, thoughts of weekends away or picturing new furniture in my home.

Then, if I can just manage my money better all year around it’s like earning more all the time.

As the end of the financial year arrives I find myself quickly realising all the things I could be doing to better manage my personal finances, starting off with being more prepared for my tax return and then hopefully doing a better job of it all year around. Often I sit down with my accountant (my sister) and feel slightly chastised, like I am getting in trouble from a teacher at school. She’s never angry that I failed to take her financial advice last financial year, just disappointed.

The punishment being less money in my tax return or a longer wait as I desperately try and track down records.

'Managing your money better is like earning more and nothing feels as good as a nice, chunky tax return.' Image: Wolf of Wall Street, Universal Pictures

Making and sticking to New Financial Year resolutions is one way to improve your financial position and we gathered some together for you to get you started.

Repeat after us: From 1 July, 2016 I will...

New Financial Year resolutions as pledged by Mamamia staff:

"I really need to save all of my receipts, even if it's just stuffing them all into an old shoebox grandma style." Melissa

"This financial year I plan to spend less on coffee which I NEED every morning. Instant just does not cut it. So I will change my order from a cappuccino to a piccolo. Less milk and half the price." Riley


"I need to change my employment and pay structure so I don't owe money. Not owing money would be nice." Amy

"I need to do my tax return at a resonable time instead of waiting all year." Karen

"So far all I have is the name of someone who can help me do my tax return." Lisa

"A new thing I plan to start is a Tax Year files in my inbox in my email to file electronic receipts straight away." Gemma

"I want to go shopping at Kikki K and stock up on fancy stationary that will help me keep better files, but spending money to do that might be defeating the purpose. I don't know." Cindy

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"Become a grown up and actually pay to go and see a tax person in a real office as opposed to the online submission ones. Hopefully I will get more back that way." Anna

"I am gong to start a present/card drawer by buying black cards and little presents that are always nice to receive like candles, candles, candles, on sale so when there are birthdays or other occasions I have something and don't have to spend to much money on last-minute presents." Emma


"I'm going to try not to waste so much food this year. When I think about how much money I throw in the bin in the form of rotten vegies and fruit and leftover food I feel sick." Constance

"Stop leaving my tax return until the last minue which I do every single year." Helen

"Asking my accountant more questions so I can get more back." Jackie

"I really need to look into what I can claim. I'm sure I'm missing out on claiming lots of things." Sam

"Every year I say I'm going to try and understand the tax system but I never do and just go to one of those kiosks at my local shopping centre." Alison

"I need to be a more savvy food shopper. First step is to actually figure out how much I am spending on food each year." Patricia

"I must, I must, I must start keeping a car log book!" Joanne

"Stop. Eating. Brunch. So. Much." Michelle

"I really need to sort out my super. I'm charged a crazy amount of insurance on it and I never get around to telling them to reduce it. I constantly forget." Abby