'It was entirely my decision.' Why Abbie Chatfield quit her radio show.

After over 18 months on the air, Abbie Chatfield is quitting her radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield. 

The reality star and TV personality announced the news on Instagram in a three-minute video where she told her fans that she is "super proud" of herself for quitting. 

"I just wanted to show that it was entirely my decision, and I want to leave, and I’m so happy that I have made the decision," she shared in the clip.

"I’ve been thinking about it pretty much all year, to be honest, and I finally, after two months off, that wasn't pre-planned, it was because of scheduling and things like that … but those two months off, I realised what I wanted to prioritise."

Chatfield went on to say she is going to spend more time taking jobs that "bring me joy".

"I’m really happy with my decision and super proud of myself for letting this role go. I simply need to put my energy into projects that bring me joy and that energise me, rather than draining me," she said.


"It’s also time to give someone else a go who would enjoy and appreciate the opportunity more than myself. I have so much on, and daily radio takes up so much time. I simply wasn't enjoying myself day to day in that environment."

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This won't be the last time we're hearing from her live on air, though. 

"I still am planning on doing Australian Made every week, just in a slightly different way. I’m so passionate about Australian music that this was the main reason I didn’t quit earlier, so I’m glad I can take it with me," she said,

Chatfield plans to keep working on her podcast, It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield on LiSTNR. According to the All Australian Podcast Ranker, the show brought in more that 220,000 listeners for the month of July. 

Feature Image: Instagram @abbiechatfield/Listnr/Mamamia.