These are the guys you had a crush on if you grew up in the 90s.


I was a classic 90s kid.

I wore these shoes:

…with cargo pants, and tencel jeans, and for a very brief period an invention called a ‘skort’… which was a skirt at the front and shorts at the back. They were kind of like the mullet of the casual pant world.

I listened to Oasis and Third Eye Blind and Tori Amos and I cried when Kurt Cobain died.


I watched Friends and The Simpsons and talked to my friends for hours on MSN Messenger.

And I also truly believed I was going marry one of these guys (and SO DID YOU):

Jonathan Taylor Thomas


JTT was the middle kid in Home Improvement, possibly the best hardware-based family sitcom of the 1990s.

For years he was plastered over every teenage girl’s bedroom wall and then he kind of just disappeared into teen heartthrob obscurity.

I still kind of daydream about marrying him in the Taylor’s backyard while Wilson looks over the fence.

Devon Sawa


Devon Sawa was the heartthrob-named-after-a-lunch-meat that we never knew we needed in our lives.

After his stint in Casper, every single girl wanted a ghost to fall in love with them… and we still kind of do to be honest.

Leonardo Dicaprio


Remember that time Leo fell in love with Kate Winslet in The Titanic and then she abandoned him in the freezing cold ocean when there was PLENTY of room on that door?

Yeah, that.

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And that other time he fell in love with Clare Danes and they ended up killing themselves over a really bad case of miscommunication.

Leo and his floppy hair will always hold a special place in every 90s girls heart and, erm, “special me time”.

Heath Ledger


He sang “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” to Julia Stiles’ character in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Enough said.

Ryan Phillipe



Ryan Phillipe in Cruel Intentions did something to me. Something I haven’t full recovered from to this day.

*Wipes sweat off forehead*

Joshua Jackson


We first got all giggly over Joshua Jackson when he starred in The Mighty Ducks franchise.

Then he became Pacey in Dawson’s Creek and we collectively clutched our bosoms and dreamed about rowing down a creek with him and… other stuff.

Freddie Prince Jr


Freddie Prince Jr was the popular guy who only noticed you when you took off your glasses and pulled down your ponytail.

He was also extremely hot in that mid-90s spiky hair kind of way.