Miss the '90s? Well, they're making a comeback. Here's how to embrace the trend.

The 90s are back and soon, they’ll be all over your face…

“The nineties are making a big come back.”

Those are the words of Claudia Smith, a Priceline Pharmacy beauty advisor. She’s way too young to have actually worn makeup in the nineties, but for some reason, I believe her.

Flashes of Cindy Crawford’s dark, luscious lips and Claudia Schiffer’s pale, flawless skin pop into my brain as I try comprehend exactly what this means for us mere mortals who try and try and try again to keep up with all the trends – only to have to go back to what we were doing when we were teenagers.

Sure, it doesn’t have to be quite as dramatic as that. Claudia is patiently waiting for me to ask my next question. I have several and by the end of our conversation I suddenly know exactly how I’m going to change up my makeup routine, without looking like an accidental Zombie Bride (as photos of me as a teenager often remind me).

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LISA: What do you mean the nineties are making a big comeback?

CLAUDIA: Matte lipstick like the darker, grungier colours, browns and plums are very on trend.. My mum has worn brown lipstick for twenty years and I’ve been trying to get her out of that. Now they’re back. I haven’t told her about the comeback yet!

LISA: What if it’s too scary to do something so bold – where is a good place to start?

Cindy Crawford’s dark matte lips are making a comeback with Kylie Jenner.

CLAUDIA: Find a colour that is a couple of shades deeper than your usual nude lip colour. I’ve been able to find a couple of colours that are a deeper nude and they look better on me than the real deep browns that look almost black. Start slowly and then once you feel comfortable, you can decide if you want to move to an even deeper shade.

LISA: What’s another beauty trend?

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CLAUDIA: Matte skin. It’s the natural look but a matte skin finish. If you’re using liquid foundation you can set it with powder or there are some great liquid foundations available now that give a matte finish.

LISA: But doesn’t matte makeup make everyone look older?

CLAUDIA: It can on some people. For mature skin, I wouldn’t set the whole face with powder, maybe just around the t-zone for a semi-matte finish. I’d choose something more appropriate, not a complete matte look, a semi-matte.

LISA: Okay, so we’ve got brown, matte lipstick and matte skin. What else is trending?

Christy Turlington, Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

CLAUDIA: Nineties hair. Sleek, low-fuss ponytails or texturised, volumised waves.

LISA: Does anyone know why the nineties are back, by the way?

CLAUDIA: It’s an influence of the international runways and high profile celebrities, and now it’s all over Instagram and social media.. I follow a lot of American makeup artists, which is a great way to see what looks are trending three to six months ahead of Australia.


LISA: So dark lips, matte skin and nineties hair. What else?

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CLAUDIA: Brows, bold brows. Not drawn on, but natural, nicely-shaped, filled eyebrows.

LISA: What if you’ve been plucking them for years, like I have?

CLAUDIA: I would suggest you try to let the brow grow back as naturally as possible and then once you have a fuller shape you can fill them in with a soft powder or a pencil. Soften the edges and this will give it the illusion of a thicker brow. Just don’t go darker than your natural colour.

Brooke Shields rocked the 80s/90s power brows while model Bambi Northwood-Blyth gives us eyebrow envy today.

LISA: And what’s happening with eye shadow?

CLAUDIA: The eye shadow colour of the season is Marsala. It’s a brown, wine sort of shade. It will be very popular for eyes. The more wine tones will really suit blue and green eyes.

LISA: What about for those with brown eyes?

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CLAUDIA: I think if you have brown eyes, skip the wine colour and stick to the browns. Although, if you get the right shade of wine colour, it would make brown eyes really pop. Go for more of a purple wine than a deep, warm wine.

LISA: Is there anything else we should start doing?

CLAUDIA: Browns and wines will also be popular for nails, and so will greys.

Marsala is the colour of 2015.

LISA: For fingers AND toes?

CLAUDIA: I’d wear more of the wine colours on my fingernails but I did find a nice brown one the other day when I was looking at all the products. I picked up a brown nail polish and thought it looked okay for fingers. It’s a matte grey.

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Whats your favourite 90s fashion tip?

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