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Leah May 1, 2020

@Les Grossman oh FFS. That's not how it works. I know you wrote this comment two weeks ago but we've known for ages it wasn't going to track location. It can't be used to track criminal suspects. It simply records which other phones with the app you've been near (within 1.5m for 15+ minutes). Not to mention no federal government dept or agency is allowed to access the data - which is all fairly benign data anyway. And nobody ever said it's 100% hack proof because there is no such thing as hack proof. And they were never planning on making it mandatory.

Leah October 9, 2017

As if the hosts/esses need to be kept in the loop re: aircraft maintenance? I'm sure the water filters are maintained just like the rest of the aircraft - and besides, the water has been boiled.

Leah August 30, 2017

as much as I think jeremysheer's comment was unnecessary, so was yours. Just because a person has a different view on what sex is for doesn't mean they have 'a lot of sex-related issues' and need a therapist.

Leah July 23, 2017

"I could tell he hadn’t stalked me back because, if he had, he would have known I have an unhealthy addiction to pastries already. So this croissant conversation is moot."

Maybe he just knows how to pretend he doesn't already know that stuff about you? It's not hard to pretend you don't know about his sister or Melbourne, but still direct the conversation in that direction. "So, tell me about your family/do they live locally?"

Leah July 23, 2017

"I thought it was instinctive to show gentleness and care when handling another living thing"

Have you EVER seen a toddler interact with a newborn baby? Unless they have been around a lot of other babies, they have absolutely no concept that this baby is fragile and needs to be treated gently. I can't count the number of my friends who have had to pull their toddlers off a baby sibling because the toddler thought they were cuddling the baby. And if a child doesn't have any exposure to babies or animals until they are 4 or 5 I can definitely understand they might not have yet been taught the fragility of smaller living things. It's certainly something that has to be taught, rather than instinct.

Leah July 23, 2017

"When children bring about harm, it is more helpful to consider their intent, rather than the consequence of their physicality."

This, exactly. There is a difference between a child who doesn't understand how to treat an animal gently and so therefore inadvertently injures/kills it (expressing sadness and remorse afterwards), and a child who takes delight in causing pain to an animal.

Leah July 23, 2017

I'm nearly 30 and still friends with lots of people from highschool and uni. My old 'group' of friends from highschool, while I'd say we're no longer a 'friendship group', we do catch up once every few years. Some of them I don't like a lot anymore, but some of the ones I do like, still like them, so I can put up with them for the sake of a catch-up every five years or whatever. I also grew up in a church which I still attend after a few years away, so I'm still friends with many people I grew up with - some are still at the same church, some have moved away. Just this past weekend I attended two 30th birthdays of the two girls who were my best friends in highschool. We've known each other since we were born. I would no longer classify either of them as a 'best friend', but they are still very dear friends. The two girls who are my best friends I have known since high school.

My dad is in his mid-50s and one of his best friends (who he honestly probably doesn't see, these days, more than once every 5 years) has been his best friend since they were apprentices. My dad's other best friend (who lives less than a kilometre away from him and who was my surrogate uncle growing up) has been his mate since he was a teenager.

I get not everyone sustains long friendships and that's fine, but I'm uncomfortable with the implication that there is something wrong or weird about such long friendships.

Leah July 19, 2017

If she wants to cook dinner for her husband on their wedding day as a symbol of her devotion to him, who the hell cares?? Nobody's telling you you have to do it. Nobody is saying all those other things are not 'enough', but this is something Miranda wanted to do and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. If her husband was demanding it I'd be right on board with you but I HIGHLY doubt that is the case.

Leah July 16, 2017

"The idea that having ''lots and lots of drugs'' during labour is the only way to manage the sensation of having contractions is unhelpful"

Nobody said that having 'lots and lots of drugs during labour is the only way to manage' contractions. She author said that's what SHE wants.

Leah July 16, 2017

No, she didn't need to tell him, however she shouldn't need to hide it either. She wasn't going around advertising it, he ASKED her and she just answered his question.

Leah July 16, 2017

I'm going to say I agree I'm not a fan of tight outfits over pregnant bellies. There are so many beautiful ways to 'wear' a pregnant belly and I feel like skin-tight clothes being stretched over them is not one of them. I actually don't feel like Georgia's bump is even big enough to worry about that yet though, and certainly the caller was exceptionally rude about it - I don't think it's necessary to ever give a stranger fashion advice.

Leah July 16, 2017

I'm assuming they thought the flashing red lights would be a sufficient visual alert, but I can see that to a competitor who is focused on what they are doing/where they're moving next that they might not notice that.

Leah June 15, 2017

I'm disturbed by the commenters who have suggested one could argue the author is guilty of rape for having sex with her husband when he has not given consent.

He is the one initiating it and doing it to her and as far as she was aware, he was awake and perfectly capable of consenting to the situation. In subsequent encounters, they had discussed the situation and agreed on how to deal with it, which included having sex if she couldn't dissuade him. He has agreed to this plan. It is not rape.

Leah March 2, 2017

It's just how they're posed and good photography. I'm a similar shape (not quite as skinny) and I wouldn't call my bum curvy.

Leah March 2, 2017

The article doesn't explain that at all, however the reason she has been removed was because there are procedures that both representatives are meant to follow in the case of an incorrect winner being announced, and neither of them followed those procedures.

Leah March 2, 2017

They haven't lost their jobs. They still work for PwC, they just won't work the Oscars ever again.

Leah March 2, 2017

She was removed because (although this article doesn't explain it at all) there are procedures that both representatives are meant to take in the case of an incorrect winner being announced, and neither of them followed procedure.

Leah February 23, 2017

Parents can avoid situations like this by requesting to see a person's eligibility for working with children police check. I mean yes there will potentially be people who don't have a conviction yet who can still commit such a crime, but in instances like this where the guy has a conviction he would never have qualified under such a check. In the UK once you have such a check done you get a letter to say you are eligible to work with children which you can show, much like Queensland's Blue Card (I'm sure other Australian states have something similar).

Leah February 23, 2017

Holy geez I can't believe some of the comments here. If he's ok with her looking through his facebook or messages, then who cares?? Tbh I don't think that even counts as 'snooping'.

I know the PIN to my husband's phone, and he probably knows mine (not a hard one to guess for someone who knows me anyway). I use his phone a lot so I sort of have to. No, I don't go through his messages or fb because I don't really have a desire to and I recognise there could be private conversations with his friends concerning personal issues in their lives. Sometimes he'll receive a message though and ask me to read it out to him (eg. if he's driving). And I wouldn't really want him going through my messages in case he comes across one where I've bitched about his mother to a friend or where I'm discussing his birthday presents with someone. But if worst came to worst and there was some reason he had to go through my phone, I've got nothing serious to hide. Honestly I would probably get suspicious if he changed the PIN to his phone and didn't tell me - it would suggest he NOW has something to hide which he didn't before!

Leah February 23, 2017

did you not read the line where she said she's actually sort of offended that he doesn't?

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