Nicole Kidman and her Cannes tutu have saved this year's red carpet.

I’m sick of seeing rogue body parts on the red carpet. There, I’ve said it.

Thighs. Nipples. Bum cracks. Side vag. Front Vag. The whole vag. We’ve barely been able to look at any recent red carpet events – Billboard Music Awards, Met Gala and Golden Globes to name a few – without hearing about a “naked” dress or almost (or actual) wardrobe malfunction.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for women (and men) wearing what they want, but sometimes I just want to admire some gorgeous gowns without fear that I’m going to see an internal organ, you know? (Post continues after gallery).


Thankfully my calls have been answered.

The Cannes Film Festival is finally giving us what the red carpet has been lacking of late – glamour and glitz with nary an escaped boob in sight.

Take Nicole Kidman, who’s had a series of killer outfits already this week, including this scene-stealing Carrie Bradshaw moment at the premiere of her new film Killing of A Sacred Deer.

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And these winners (Post continues after gallery):

Alright, there have been a few almost crotch shots (looking at you, Bella Hadid) but on the whole it's been nothing but the good stuff.

cannes 2017 red carpet
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Before you accuse me of clutching my pearls, it's not about covering up, or playing it safe. Far from it - there's still sequins and billowing skirts and sheer parts. It's about retiring the now-tired 'naked' trend that frankly has lost most of it's shock value for other ways to make a statement.

And right now, in response to the bare-it-all trend, it's going old-school red carpet.

Like Nicole again, in this sequin pastel two piece delight earlier this week.

cannes 2017 red carpet
Source: Getty.

Props to Rihanna for proving classic can still be cool.

cannes 2017 red carpet
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Sure, not every outfit is a complete winner. But the standouts grab attention for the right reasons, instead of shocking just for the sake of it - and headlines.

Here's hoping it's just the start of a red carpet shift.

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