A Voice meets a Bachelorette: Two reality TV stars find love.

Reality TV is bringing people together.

One of the Bachelor girls, Zoe O’Brien, has found love. But not with the Bach (obviously).

With The Voice Season 1 finalist Sam Ludeman.


Twenty-eight-year-old Sam is a bit of a star in the world of Music Theatre, having appeared in Grease and Xanadu, and strummed his way onto the screen in season one of The Voice. He and 25-year-old Zoe have actually known each other a while, it seems. The two grew up in Shepparton, Victoria, and have even shared a disco pash before.

‘‘It’s a funny story — the first time I saw her we were down at the


‘‘And we’ve always had these little run-ins, my band played at her 21st and we had a cheeky pash five years ago on Christmas Eve, when we both happened to be single.’’

The couple ‘went public’ on Monday night at the iHeart Travel event and announced it on social media. Because MODERN. They were accompanied by some of the other Bach girls, including Chantal Hryniewski and winner (well… sort of) Sam Frost.

Congratulations to a nice new couple. Reality love is the best.