Married At First Sight Davina's upset message to Zoe after a meme that "crossed the line."

Married At First Sight alumnus Zoe Hendrix has apologised to current contestant Davina Rankin for posting a “bullying” meme about her on social media.

This comes after Davina contacted Zoe to share her distress at seeing the post.

Zoe, who was matched with now-husband Alex on the show in 2015, posted a since-deleted meme featuring Davina on Instagram, which she describes as having “crossed the line into bullying.”

“As soon as I posted it, something didn’t feel right. My gut instinct told me it wasn’t true to who I am or what I’m about,” she wrote in a follow-up Instagram post on Tuesday afternoon.

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“A few hours later Davina contacted me and outlined how hurt she was to see it.

“She is really struggling with the intensity of the online attacks. I had added to it.”

Zoe shared the details of the encounter alongside a screenshot of Davina’s message to her.

In it, Davina said that Zoe “of all people” should know how reality TV and editing works.

“You don’t know me, however I know you have many opinions of me,” Davina began.

“I really hope your little girl never has to go through the cyberbullying or attacks that I’ve experienced over this horrible time.

“Just a thought before you say your next hurtful sentence about me. There’s two sides to every story.”


Horrified by her actions, Zoe, in turn, wrote that she knows “how damaging cyberbullying can be.”

“It takes lives. We must take it seriously,” she wrote.

“It’s one thing to discuss and analyse the drama on MAFS (and I’m all for that) but we must not forget that these characters are real people.

“Imperfect, real people, who fuck up and who are to a degree at the mercy of editing.”

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The mum-of-one encouraged others to discuss the behaviour of contestants without “brutally attacking the individuals”.

“I’m not saying I agree with all of Davina’s choices on MAFS but I do know that we can’t teach our children not to bully, or say we aspire for a kinder world if we are partaking in this behaviour ourselves online. Me included.”

Davina has been copping abuse online since episodes aired in which she and fellow contestant Dean Wells “cheated” on their respective on-screen spouses.