The "mood-lifty" bathroom trick Zoe Foster Blake loves.

Sometimes you wake up and you feel a bit bleurgh.

Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, you’ve got something weighing on your mind or perhaps you’re just having one of ‘those’ days.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal cheerleader/motivational guru/Oprah there for those moments? Thanks to Zoe Foster Blake‘s brilliant idea, you can. Well, sort of.


The Amazinger Face author shared her trick for feeling good on Instagram – and it all starts in the bathroom.

There’s just five magical words: ‘Holy Shit You Look Amazing’.

“Just found the old photo on my ex-laptop and felt compelled to post it because I made this little sign thingy for my bathroom with letters from the $2 shop when I moved into a new apartment as a single woman many years ago, and it ALWAYS lifted my mood,” she wrote.


Watch: Zoe Foster Blake shares her best ever beauty tips. Post continues after video.

“That’s why we now give away stickers saying this exact same thing at Go-To Skincare. It’ll lift your mood every time you brush your fangs/do your face/gently wash your baby wombat in the sink, I promise you.”

While it can be done on the cheap using letters from an arts and craft or $2 shop, you can also get the same message absolutely free.

“Make your own with kids stickers, or lipstick, or a whiteboard marker on the mirror (or blood if you’re a bit spooky) but DO do it ‘cos it’s fun and as I may have mentioned, quite mood-lifty,” Foster-Blake continued. (Post continues after gallery.)

Given we could all do with a little reminder about how absolutely brilliant we all are, this is one mindfulness trick we’ll be employing immediately.

Just in case no one has told you yet – holy sh*t, you look amazing today.

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay.

What’s your mood-enhancing trick?