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"She doesn’t speak for us." The best reactions to Zoe-Clare's 'speech' on The Bachelor.

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Yes, well. 

At approximately 8:43pm on Wednesday night, a woman on prime time television announced to Australia that she will no longer stand for the prejudice against... red heads. 

Cue: the violin music. Literally.

On the first night of Locky Gilbert's season of The Bachelor, viewers met Zoe-Clare, who, yes, has red hair. 

Despite her admitting that no one said anything about the colour of her hair, she was visibly distressed.

The source of her upset is unclear, but Zoe-Clare said fellow contestant Areeba, who is a woman of colour, was discriminating against her because of her... hair. 

Watch: Here's part of Zoe Clare's speech on her red hair. Post continues below. 

Video via Mamamia

For those who missed this speech, here is the full transcript.

"I’m the only redhead in the whole entire house. And the rest of them… I think the only colours are blonde, brunette, then there’s me.

I think that’s exactly why Areeba is targeting me. Of course, the redhead. It’s just not appropriate. What’s wrong with a ranga? I’m sorry, do you want me to dye my hair every 10 seconds... I’m SO sorry but this is natural guys. This is not going anywhere!

I don’t care if you’re black, white, caramel, whatever. Ranga. I want to be here to be like, you know what, we can win. We can win because I’m not blonde. I’m not brunette. I’m not anything other than what I am. I’m not going to pretend to be. I’m me. And if he likes me, then f*cking awesome.


I'm not here for anything other than him. But I don’t need someone being rude, and being like ‘I’m just gonna sit down’. There’s no level of respect.

I don’t want to go through this experience being different because… this sounds so stupid, but because of the colour of my goddamn hair. And that sucks. The colour of my complexion.

The one time that I can walk in something and I’m like no one has my hair. No one has my bone structure, no one has my body. And they don’t! That’s not a lie. They don’t! But you’re still different. You’re still a f*cking ranga at the end of the day and that sucks because they think, no matter what, 'oh it’s fine, she’s different'. Did Areeba do it to any of the blonde girls? Any of the brunette girls? No.

You know what? I’m proud of being a ranga. I will be a ranga until the day I die. We are more striking than any other human… that walks this Earth. Don’t have our blue eyes or brown or our green eyes that can literally stop traffic.

You sure as sh*t don’t have our hair.

I’m not going to bite my tongue anymore. The way people treat girls and men with red hair needs to end. Right now."

So, um, yea...

Australia had some thoughts. Here are some of the best reactions to Zoe-Clare's speech about her red hair. 



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