Everyone's talking about Zayn Malik's break-up tattoo... for all the wrong reasons.

Zayn Malik isn’t messing around when it comes to getting over his recent break-up with model Gigi Hadid, launching himself into a new relationship with a… rose… on the back of his neck.

Ah. Yeah.

Malik, who announced his split from Hadid earlier this week, posted on Instagram on Saturday a photo of the back of his head where a giant rose snaked its way down his neck.

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These three comments, left in the comments section, sum up his fanbase’s reaction more eloquently than I could:

“Where are the leaves?”

“Quelle horreur.”

“It looks like a rattail.”

Of course, the situation becomes curiouser and curiouser when you consider the fact tattoos have not been the singer’s friend in his break ups in the past.

First, Malik was forced to cover up a tattoo of ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards after he got her name inked on her arm when they were dating.

This week, fans were quick to point out just a few months ago, Malik made the – should we say, short-sighted? – decision to tattoo Hadid’s eyeballs onto his chest.

So what better way to celebrate a break up, and one you accidentally made permanent on your chest just this year, than with another tattoo? Especially when they’ve proved so good to you in the past.

Sounds about right to me.