No, you're not losing the plot. This $50 dress is EVERYWHERE.

It seems like every woman in the world owns the same dress – a $50 number from Zara.

It’s a baby blue, light chambray, off-the-shoulder summer dress. Ideal for dressing up or down, or just throwing on to go to brunch, lunch, the beach or your local milk bar. AND IT’S EVERYWHERE.

Image: Tumblr/blueofftheshoulderdress

Ring a bell?

Odds are you either own it or have seen someone who does.


In fact, it's so popular that one woman has even dedicated her life to blogging every single sighting of it.

Lulu Krause is a comedian from New York who's behind the tumblr account blueofftheshoulderdressfromzara.

There are over 40 images of women spotted in the dress posted already, but Krause says she has over 80 still to upload.

Image: Tumblr/blueofftheshoulderdress

"At the beginning of last summer (2016) I started noticing the trend all over New York. I wasn't actively searching for a project like this — the dress was popping up so frequently that it's almost like... it chose me," she told Refinery 29.

The feed is made even better with Krause's slightly sarcastic captions to accompany the pictures.

While she started taking the photos, when she shared her project on Facebook she started receiving submissions from other people in what she dubs "a bizarre real-life "Where's Waldo" game".

Sightings have come from all over the world, including the US, Italy and Spain.

Shoulder? I barely know her

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Krause told Refinery 29 that she became even more fascinated by the dress once she got to try it on.

"A friend actually lent me the dress, and I took it for a test drive, which was as enlightening as it was entertaining," she said.

"I'd say you lose around 80 per cent of your mobility in it — your arms can't go above 45 degrees without compromising the intended shape of the garment. It's impossible to hail a cab or wave violently (my two favourite past-times)."

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Mamamia has reached out to Zara about its availability in Australia. We'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, a quick search on eBay reveals plenty of people selling their version, including this brand new one with tags for $59.95.

It's not the first item from the European retailer to go viral - their $168 Frayed Printed Coat was also so popular it earned its own Instagram account. After selling out last year, the brand brought it back in stock in 2017.


While Krause believes the trend for the off-the-shoulder dress will (hopefully) die down soon, we're betting the sightings definitely won't.

Do you have this dress? Why do you love it? Tell us below.