The new beauty brand claiming to make 'makeup you can sleep in'.

A thing that you must know: There's a new makeup brand getting around that claims to make makeup removal a thing of the past and WE NEED TO TALK.

It's called Youthforia, and it describes itself as "makeup you can sleep in".

Yes, please sit.

To give you a bit of background, the brand started off in 2021 with colour-changing blush (BYO Blush is probably their most well-known product), but has since expanded its range to include blush, primer and foundation.

Marketing itself as an "innovative, clean and sustainable" beauty brand with "sleep-friendly" products, the brand has subsequently *blown up* on TikTok.

It's literally everywhere right now.

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Video via Mamamia.

On the website, the brand's founder, Fiona Co Chan, said, "I believe that makeup should be an extension of your skincare, and that means being able to fall asleep with makeup on without waking up feeling guilty."

And before you ask, yes – it ships to Australia.

So, what's so innovative about it? And what do these products have in them that others don't?? And can you actually sleep in it?? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Okay, okay. Let's break it down. 


What's different about Youthforia makeup?

Let's look at one of the core products - the foundation. 

Touted as the 'First Ever Foundation You Can Sleep In', Youthforia's Date Night Skin Tint Serum Foundation (US $48, which roughly equates to $75) (omg our dollar is so bad) claims to be formulated with "luxurious texturising ingredients" and "packed with 68 per cent skincare actives".

It also claims to be formulated with a "patented tannin complex" to reduce sebum and the appearance of your pores, and notes that the products are "dermatologist tested to be safe to sleep in".

The foundation comes in 15 different shades that offer medium buildable coverage. 


So... is it really as innovative as it sounds?

Well, it's no secret that the skincare x makeup hybrid category has blown up in recent years (particularly post-COVID), and is a category that's actually been around for yonks (just look at how many foundation serums are on the market!). Truthfully, 'makeup that acts like skincare' isn't exactly a new... thing.

And if you're someone who likes beauty, truly, you can sleep in any foundation – whether it offers additional skincare benefits or not.

Also, it's worth noting (as pointed out in this substack) that touting the foundation as "dermatologist tested to be safe to sleep in" doesn't necessarily mean the product will have specific benefits to your skin come morning or make it look 'better'. So, it's just something to be aware of.


On the flip side, the beauty market is crowded and noisy, and it is a unique concept and a smart way of making a brand stand out. Like, come one – how intrigued were you by the headline?!

Youthforia shade controversy.

However, it's impossible to talk about the Youthforia brand without also noting the recent controversy online in reference to its shade range and lack of inclusivity.

At the crux of it is beauty influencer @golloria, who posted the below review after ordering the brand's 'darkest' shade (#495).

While the shade on the box seemed to complement her skin tone, upon swatching it on her skin, Golloria found that the actual shade of the product was... nowhere close to her shade.

See below:

@golloria Replying to @Meredith May ♬ original sound - golloria

The brand's founder responded on TikTok, confirming the brand would be extending the shade range, noting budget and manufacturing issues.

Cue: Massive backlash.

You can see Golloria's response below:

@golloria #stitch with @Youthforia ♬ original sound - golloria

So, there you have it.

While the viral brand seems to offer a unique and fun concept, the extensive backlash online shows that many other consumers are feeling frustrated and let down by the lack of inclusivity with the brand's shade range.

And in 2023, is that really where we're still at?

Tell us, will you be trying Youthforia? What are your thoughts on the brand? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram: @youthforia/@aleortegs; @youthforia/@amenglowing.

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