Everyone's talking about: Young Talent Time.


You know you’re getting older when the words “fun, wholesome family entertainment” come out of your mouth. But that’s what I kept thinking last night while watching the first episode of the New Young Talent Time on Channel 10.

Getting a jump on the other stations by wheeling out their best shows a couple of weeks before official ratings begin, Ten look to have made a smart move by getting us hooked on their Sunday night line-up before the other networks are even out of the blocks.

While their other new starters like Homeland and New Girl performed a little better in the ratings, Young Talent Time (YTT) still raked in more than 1 million viewers at 6.30pm.

I loved YTT. Loved everything about it. I loved the kids, the judges, the outfits, the dancing, the host, the mix of songs and nostalgia. My 6yo daughter and I were both captivated from the first moment and I can’t think of any other shows we can watch together and be equally entertained. Nobody was dressed like a Bratz Doll! Nobody was swinging around a pole! Nobody was channelling a Pussycat Doll! The kids all had talent (nobody was a Kardashian!) and it was clear that they’d worked hard their whole lives to be terrific little entertainers.

And I loved that they pretty much ignored the audition process – that could have been turned into the full tear-jerking drama like every other reality show so that was a delightful surprise. I don’t need to see little kiddie’s dreams being dashed. Thanks for sparing us that.

Rob Mills was a fantastic host – he didn’t dominate, merely facilitated everyone around him to shine and by doing so, shone as well.

I loved a bit of Johnny Young but it was just enough. Would have been totally wrong if he’d been brought back to host. The mix and format felt fresh and modern and Tina Arena’s extreme earnestness served to sort of anchor all the frothy excitement of everyone around her.

My daughter and I were humming ‘All my loving’ all the way to bed last night. Loved loved loved it.

Because we’re all feeling a bit nostalgic, here is a gallery of some of the faces you may remember from YTT in the past as well as the new team:

Did you watch TV last night? Anything grab your attention?