If you're not part of the "yoga and wine" craze, then what are you even doing with your life?

Forget acrobatics or bikram, there’s a new version of yoga and it involves your favourite tipple.

“Yoga and wine” nights are now officially a thing – and to be honest, we’re a bit confused.

“I’m seeing so many events going round that combine yoga and wine or yoga and beer nights. Anyone else?” host Monique Bowley asked on Mamamia Out Loud last week.

Listen: What’s going on with Yoga and Wine nights? We get to the bottom of this new craze.

“I don’t understand this because yoga on one hand is meant to be all about health and enlightenment, isn’t it? Why are we having yoga and wine nights? Can someone please explain?”

While mixing exercise with alcohol might seem a little bizarre, there are plenty of companies and classes solely devoted to bringing you yoga with a side of wine (or the other round.)

“I don’t think yoga has to be about enlightenment. I think it can just be about exercise and moving your body and about, you know, fitness,” Mia Freedman. (Post continues after gallery.)

But be warned – unfortunately it’s not a new glass with every new pose, more like a normal yoga class, followed by a complimentary glass of wine or beer.

“You should be having a powerade or a protein shake,” argues Mons.

But if you like the idea of wine and yoga, Mia Freedman has an even better concept – food yoga.


"When is dinner?" Image: iStock

"I used to just get so hungry during yoga," she said.

"I just remember the bit at the end where you lie on the floor under a blanket, that was my favourite part and I always just used to lie there with my stomach rumbling thinking about which sort of Thai takeaway I was going to get."

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