Cult Buy: The fashion label that's as stylish as it is life-changing.

These days, finding a fashion label that’s uniquely stylish and ethically manufactured can be a real challenge.

It’s like the fashion equivalent of the Holy Grail, further complicated by the fact it’s not always easy to find out where and how brands make their clothes.

Well, here’s some good news for you: we’ve found an Aussie brand that manages to balance hip, bold designs with social responsibility. It’s called YEVU, and Mia Freedman is a recent convert.

“It is a social enterprise, and if you like those big, bold graphic patterns that Gorman does so beautifully, it does really similar clothing and shapes as well,” she explains on the latest episode of Mamamia Out Loud.

That’s not even the best part, if you can believe it.

You can listen to Mia waxing lyrical about YEVU here. (Post continues after audio.)

“It creates full-time jobs and generates sustainable income by women in Ghana, Africa. It’s [run by] a young Australian woman who’s trying to help women be able to support themselves by making these clothes.”

The Aussie in question is Anna Robertson, and she was inspired to partner with a team of local tailors and seamstresses in Ghana’s capital Accra.

As the website explains, the brand aims to “celebrate the vibrancy, colour and chaos of West African wax print and handmade textiles by offering simple and contemporary designs to a wider market”, encompassing both men’s and women’s wear.


“YEVU enhances the professional development of the team employed in Ghana through building capacity in technical skill and contemporary design practices,” the website adds.

By now you’re probably dying to check out the designs, yes?

Well, goody. There are plenty of amazing pieces, like this insanely fun wide-leg, oval print jumpsuit:



Check out these zany pieces:


Or what about this prawn-print wrap dress?

Not only are these pants gorgeously bright and fun, but they also look bloody comfy too:


SWOOOOON. You can shop the women’s range right here.

Mia sums it up perfectly on Mamamia Out Loud: “These clothes are phenomenal.”

“I’m going to go immediately and buy a whole bunch of them, and you are practically donating to charity and changing women’s lives by buying clothes.”

Have you had any great fashion finds lately? Please let us know in the comments.

This is not a sponsored post. We just really love this label.