How two friends from WA landed the worst ever score in My Kitchen Rules history.

“I was hoping this was going improve on the entree… but it didn’t. The salad was undressed and possibly not the right accompaniment,” these were the comments from My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans after contestants Bek Outred and Ash Brennan served their main course in Sunday night’s episode.

Fellow judge, Manu Feildel, told the pair bluntly: “The score I’m giving you for your main course, is a one.”

Evans scored them a one-out-of-10 as well. This landed the friends from Western Australia with the lowest score in the show’s history. They ended the night with 26 points, out of a possible 110, for their Wild Fields instant restaurant.

The menu was relatively straightforward:

Entree: Vegetable tart

Main: Fish and salad

Dessert: Profiteroles

And the girls were confident. They spent 90 minutes on a round trip to source the “best quality fish” from a market in Fremantle. And they set up their restaurant with dream catchers and Tipi tents as… decoration?

Ash and Bek. Image via Channel 7.
Ash and Bek. Image via Channel 7.

But when it came to the cooking part, they started to panic.

In preparing the entree, the pair spent time fussing over the chance of their vegetables overcooking; the fact the pastry wasn't becoming pastry; the way the tarts were shrinking in their shells; the lack-of-crispiness in the leek; and the fact the creme cheese and the rocket were the two standout elements of the dish...

"We didn't do much with the rocket,"  Ash quietly pointed out.

What they should have been worried about was the garlic. “All you taste is garlic,” Feildel said. “It has killed your tart big time.”

Ash and Bek. Image via Channel 7.

Then came the Goldband snapper with fennel, fig and pear salad. Or the salad that was "undressed and possibly not the right accompaniment".

It was the fish, not the salad, however, that was the biggest disaster.

This is how it went down: The butter was burning. The oil was burning. The fish was burning. Ash got burnt and, when she finally did turn the stove down, it was way, way too late.

“Not even I, a skilled vet, can do CPR on this” Bek told her, looking at the overcooked fillets.

CUE: One out of ten from both Pete and Manu.

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Finally, there came the profiteroles.

Pastry, custard and chocolate sauce.

The pastry didn't rise. The custard was lumpy. And the chocolate sauce was likely okay because... well, it's chocolate sauce.

“I think this kitchen is actually cursed,” Bek said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a dish like this in the competition,” Evans pointed out.

Our kids give us a performance review... Post continues below. Ash and Bek. Image via Channel 7.

Viewers of the show have been kind to the pair however, with most feeling sorry for the two who were clearly in a kitchen they were not familiar with, and in a spiral of stress and bad luck.

"I felt really sorry for them," one commenter posted to Facebook. "So different when you are cooking to a timetable. Just waiting to see how the Angry Man and his sister get on."

"I wonder whose kitchen they were in - I don't think it was theirs and I think that added to the problem with unfamiliar equipment," another said.

"Why didn't she cut the fish all the same size to start with?" one person remarked. "I'm sure they'll do better next time. Very hard to watch as I felt so very sorry for them."

"I just couldn't watch. Poor girls everything went wrong," one viewer added.