The Photoshop Fail that took our breath away.

We’ve seen some crazy Photoshop Fails in our time, from Target’s thigh-gap disaster to the legs no woman could walk on, but none that have taken our breath away like this.

There’s no denying that the women modelling the Zeagoo Womens Bandage Dress Bodycon Dress One Shoulder Dresses (WHAT?) has banging curves, but no one has curves like this.

Seriously, take a closer look:

It’s like the overzealous (or inexperienced) retoucher quit their graphic design course immediately after learning how to use the Polygonal Lasso tool.

But if boob windows and hip cutouts are exactly what you’re looking for in a dress, you can snap it up on Amazon, and it also comes in three other colours (white, vivid purple and green). And we thought one-shouldered speedos were bad.

Flick through the gallery below for some of the craziest Photoshop Fails we’ve ever seen: