Woolies' latest plastic bag announcement proves that us humans are the worst.


We humans are not great with change.

Case in point: the plastic bag ban.

A great environmental initiative, that the people of the UK, Italy, Germany and France have already adopted, certain Aussies *cough*Andrew Bolt *cough* are in uproar over.

Since Woolworths implemented their plastic bag ban on June 20, apparently certain customer outcry has been so vocal, that the supermarket chain has been forced to come up with a solution in the interim.

Because people are actually the worst.


In order to help shoppers cope during this transitional period, the good people of Woolworths have announced that from today to Sunday, July 8, they will be providing free reusable bags for shoppers that have either forgotten theirs completely or have underestimated the amount of bags required for a weekly shop.


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Speaking to, Claire Peters - the managing director of Woolies has said that while most are coping, some still need a bit of help 're-training'.

“That’s why from now until Sunday, July 8, if customers forget their reusable bags, we’ll have complimentary reusable bags available for their shopping at Woolworths.

“This will not only help support customers as they work to form new habits, but also ensure they’ll have reusable bags on hand when they next choose to shop with us.”

Meanwhile tomorrow will mark the last day for IGA and Coles customers to stash a few envirobags in the car, with both supermarkets discontinuing their use of single-use bags.

The Project's Waleed Aly has been calling for a complete plastic bag ban since April of last year.

And while people can continue to fight the change, according to a recent Senate inquiry into Australia's waste and recycling problem, the end of all single-use plastics (like straws, plastic cutlery and plastic-lined coffee cups) could be near.

In the report that was presented to the federal government on Tuesday, the paper called for a complete, and utter national ban.

Currently, state legislation in Tasmania, South Australia, the ACT and the Northern Territory prohibits the use of plastic bags, with Victoria set to join in October, but no such laws exists in the remaining states... yet.