From a Furby cake to a wedding cake: 14 of the best ways people have used Woolies mud cakes.

The humble $5 Woolies mud cake has once again proven itself the ultimate party staple.

In recent months, the mud cake has been creatively used as the base for a number of cakes, ranging from wedding cakes to animal cakes, and even a pinata-inspired cake.

We asked 14 women to share photos of their most creative mud cake hacks with Mamamia. 

Here’s what they shared:

A wedding cake

Wedding mud cake hack

Victoria mum Silvina Werner used 11 cakes from Woolworths and a tub of Betty Crocker icing to create her friend's wedding cake for just $57.

A geode cake

Geode mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

Shona stacked two Woolies mud cakes and crushed clear mint lollies which she dyed purple to create this mesmerising geode cake.

A Furby cake

Furby mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

Crystal used two Coles chocolate mud cakes and one vanilla to create her very own Furby. For the fur, she used home made butter cream icing dyed pink.

A pinata cake

Pinata mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

Teresa bought a Coles chocolate mud cake, covered it in Betty Crocker chocolate frosting and placed a mix of sweets on top. She created the chocolate dome using melted chocolate and bowl for the birthday boy to smash open with a hammer.

Aussie animal cakes

Koala mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

For her daughter's sixth birthday, Janny's friend stacked two chocolate mud cakes and one vanilla cake from Woolworths on top of each other and covered the cake in buttercream icing which she coloured grey.

platypus mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

When Cherie was asked to make a rainbow platypus cake, she turned to Woolworths. Cherie used three Woolies white chocolate mud cakes and home made buttercream which she dyed multiple colours to create this masterpiece.

Floral cakes

Floral mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

Karen's simple hack for a friend's kitchen tea party. She cut two Woolies mud cakes in half and piped one pack of vanilla pudding in between each layer before adding artificial flowers from the dollar store on top.

Floral mud cake hack 2
Image: Supplied.

Tania's first attempt using Woolworths mud cakes for a friend's 50th Birthday cake.

Character cakes

Woolies mud cake hacks
Georgina's Minion cake (left) and Kelly's Goomba cake (right). Images: Supplied.

$5 Mud cakes were the secret behind Georgina's minion cake and Kelly's Mario Bros. Goomba cake.

Chocolate pudding

Pudding mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

The hack doesn't just stop at cakes, Peta sliced a mud cake in half and cut the icing off to create a chocolate berry pudding. She added two packets of chocolate mouse and decorated with frozen berries.

A Fortnite birthday cake

Image: Supplied.

Tammie created this last-minute birthday cake by staking three Woolies mud cakes together and sticking on printable Fortnite graphics which she laminated.

A Tik Tok birthday cake

Image: Supplied.

Mabelle stacked two chocolate mud cakes from Coles and decorated them with home made buttercream icing and an edible print out picture to create a one-of-a-kind Tik Tok birthday cake.

Even a cake for a Poodle's Birthday

Dog mud cake hack
Image: Supplied.

Melissa's friend made a poodle cake out of three white chocolate mud cakes to celebrate her fur baby's 10th birthday.

Have you turned a Woolworths or Coles mud cake into a masterpiece? Tell us in the comments below.