CULT BUY: The $15 comfy AF Kmart pyjama set you can buy everyone for Christmas.


Looking for a last-minute Christmas present for the office Secret Santa (ugh) or for a relative you completely forgot about?

Look no further because I’ve found the perfect pyjama set you can buy for almost anyone this Chrissie. Even for yourself.

Introducing the Kmart Knit Button Through Pyjama Set, $15.

The set comes in two colours – a millennial pink with blue/mint sea shells and navy blue and white starfish – and costs less than a movie ticket or your favourite brunch.

I bought my baby blue and millennial pink flamingo set in store, where you might find other prints not currently advertised online.

The fabric is a mix of viscose and elastane and feels soft to touch. It’s stretchy and breathable on, which is great for hot summer nights around the house. It also won’t stick to you or go static like other fabric varieties. In other words, it’s really comfy and I genuinely look forward to getting home so I can take my bra off and chuck these on.

The Sea Shells pair, great for a millennial in your life. Image: Kmart.
The slightly more sophisticated Starfish pair. Image: Kmart.
Here's me in my Flamingo pair. Image: Supplied.

The cut and style is generous, on the baggier side rather than fitted. The shorts have an elastic waist band and a decent circumference for the thighs - I bought my PJs a size up because I wanted them to feel extra comfy. The shirt has buttons that do up all the way, a fresh collar and black trim that runs around the arms. My one gripe is: the sleeve size could be more generous, if you struggle with sleeves, I would size up.


Should you ever want a breast pocket in your pyjamas for important bedtime business, there's one available to you. In my opinion, the best bit about this matching PJ set is how it makes me feel less sloppy than my dad's old jumper (nothing wrong with Dad's jumper for winter) or a spare t shirt and undies.

To recap, you can't really go wrong with this lovely PJ set.

Perfect for $10-20 Secret Santa gifts? Tick.

Perfect for relatives you forgot about? Tick.

Perfect for kids or teens? Also tick.

Perfect for yourself because it's been a long year? Triple tick.

Perfect for just about anyone because the size range goes from a six to 24. Heck yes.

You're welcome.

Got any killer last-minute Chrissy present ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

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Video by MMC