Rebecca received an unsolicited nude pic, so she forwarded it to the sender's mum.

When Scottish lingerie photographer Rebecca Mcgregor received yet another unsolicited photograph of a strange man’s genitals, she fumed.

“Literally why did you send that?” she responded.

“What am I supposed to reply? I’m so embarrassed for you.”

Then she did something that has people around the world declaring her to be a “hero”, a “genius”, a “queen”: she forwarded the picture to the sender’s mum.

“Hey doll. I see you’re listed as Glenn’s mother,” she wrote.

“I think you need to have a chat with your son about how to approach women – see attached xx.”

Mcgregor last week shared a screenshot of the message on Facebook with the caption, “Are you tired of unsolicited dick pics from creeps????? Unwanted vulgar chat from strangers you’ve never spoken to?????? Take my approach, screenshot it and send it to their MA xx”.

Her post has since attracted more than 4000 reactions, 1000 shares and 1000 comments. While the majority have praised the 21-year-old’s tactic, others haven’t been so congratulatory.

“I was told, ‘What do you expect’, ‘You shouldn’t have Snapchat’, ‘You’re on social media’,” she wrote in a subsequent Facebook post.

“Whether you’re on social media or your accounts are PRIVATE or PUBLIC it does NOT ‘give the right’ to someone to expose themselves to you unwanted.

“No one is ‘ASKING FOR IT’.”

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Speaking to The Mirror, Mcgregor said she receives unsolicited nude pictures like Greg’s at least three times every day.

“I find the men sending these images really disrespectful and it makes me uncomfortable,” she said.

“I mostly block these men right away when they send my naked images but Facebook can’t really do much. I’ve thought of reporting it to the police but they’ve got better things to deal with.”

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