6 outfits to get you through the rest of the cold weather.

We’re only a minute into winter and I’m already tapped out.

Not tapped out as is sleep deprived or in the midst of a flu fog, but style wise. I’ve already defaulted back to my winter uniform of slouchy jumpers, ripped jeans and sneakers. Which is fine if you are a 14-year-old boy and heading to the local skate park, but my job has days that call for something dressier.

Besides, there’s only so many times you can take your boss (hi Mia!) calling your outfits ‘normcore’ without getting the least bit self-conscious about it.

Since I figure I’m not the only one suffering from wardrobe fatigue, here are 6 ways to update your winter look (using what you already have).

1. If you already have a maxi skirt, add a cropped jumper.

Christine Centenera (pictured above) is one of Australia’s most stylish women. I love the way she’s layered her cropped jumper over a crisp blue shirt here. Even if you didn’t want the bulk of a work shirt under your jumper layer, this is a great way to wear your maxi skirts in the cooler weather. If you’re looking for cropped jumpers to buy, I love this French Connection Scandi Cropped jumper and this Mango monochrome version.

2. If you already have a blazer, add brogues.

Whether it’s a blazer or a cropped or tailored jacket, I’m guessing you’ve got at least one style hiding in the back of your wardrobes. Update it now by adding a pair of flat brogues or oxfords. You can buy them in a veritable rainbow of colours, but I’m particularly enamoured by glossy black (these ones are $68) and silver Beau Coops oxfords seen at the Karen Walker x Benah show.


3. If you’ve already have leather shorts (or a skirt), add tights (+layers).

Leather will kick on for the next few seasons, but get the most of the shorts or shorter skirts you bought over summer by layering them over tights now. Add a cropped or fuzzy jumper, scarf and winter coat to complete the look.

4. If you already have tan boots, add a cosy cardi or hat.

I’m always jealous of style bloggers and/or anyone who can pull off a hat with panache. I tend to look like I belong at a rodeo whenever I don a hat that isn’t a beanie. Witchery have some gorgeous drape and longline knit cardigans  as do Sussan (great for dressing a bump in winter). And if you’re gamer than me and want to wear a floppy or structured hat, check out Tuchuzy in Bondi, and asos have plenty of cheaper options.

5. If you already have black pants, add sneakers.

Thankfully, this season is all about flat shoes. From shiny brogues to animal print canvas styles, sneakers like instantly dress down an otherwise corporate look. The trick is to avoid looking like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.

6. If you already have a white shirt, add a cape.

There’s no style pickle you can’t get out of by asking yourself, ‘What would Olivia Palermo do?’ Executive Producer of Mornings, Natasha Daran recently stopped by the Mamamia office for a Lunch and Learn session wearing this We Are Kindred cape. It’s reversible, it’s super-stylish, and Mia beat us all and snapped it up the next day.