6 reasons why snacking is actually good for you. Yes, really.

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You know how Meghan Trainor sang it’s All About That Bass?

She’s wrong. Snacks. It’s all about the snacks.

For a lot of reasons, snacking throughout the day is good for you.

From metabolism benefits to brain boosts, a regular snack attack gives your body a lot of joy. Not to mention the important things that happen to your brain and body when you take a five-minute break from your computer – a break that should be filled with DELICIOUSNESS.

So exactly what are these benefits? Glad you asked.

1. Controlling the hunger monster.

Eating little bits often (so, snacking) is helpful for the greedy guts inside all of us. You know how sometimes you get to a restaurant for a work lunch or a casual dinner, and you are so hungry that you order THE ENTIRE MENU? That. That can be prevented by topping up your hunger-o-meter every couple of hours.

“It’s important to eat something healthy and nutritious in the middle of the morning or afternoon in order to stave off hunger pangs and prevent you feeling starving by the time your next main meal comes around,” says dietitian Georgie Moore.

2. Brain food.

Feeeeeed your braaaaain. It sounds like a mixed-up zombie, but keeping yourself satiated is good for the old think-muscle. When the tummy is empty, the brain struggles to concentrate. It also affects your mood, your logic, your ability to read… That report you are writing might as well be in gibberish, because if your brain is too busy thinking FOODFOODFOOD, you aren’t producing your best work. When the font on your page begins to blur – stop, have a break, top up your tummy, and then try again.

3. Hanger is a real thing.

Speaking of the brain, the area of your brain that controls emotions goes a little bit haywire when you’re hungry. The hungry-angry emotion is SCIENCE, people. The stomach produces a hormone called ghrelin when it’s a-hankering for some food, and ghrelin can produce an anxiety response in the brain. Feeling teary? Angry? Grumpy? Try a little snack.


4. Energy burst.

Yawn. Yawn. Yawwwwn. Do you ever get that 3.30itis feeling, when you are staring at your computer and struggling to stay awake? A well-timed energy-boosting snack will help you power through. The trick is to stay away from sugar, and go for a healthier protein-y type of snack, like some cheese and celery.

5. Give your back a break.

When it’s snack time, don’t just think about the benefits for your tummy and your brain. Get up and walk around so your back and eyes can have a break from staring at a screen. Even while seated, postural muscles are working to keep the body upright. Give all those little muscles a rest with a bit of a walk around the office, and throw in a nice little stretch too.

6. Social hour (well… five minutes, at least).

Guys. Food brings people together. Take a five-minute break from your work to go and share a snack with someone in your office (don’t steal their food, though – that’s NOT a good way to make friends). Remind yourself that real people exist away from your workload. Chat by the water cooler for a few minutes (do people actually do that? Or is that just a sitcom thing?) and forget about your inbox.

Science-based body benefits aside, snacking is just fun. Who doesn’t love eating? Keep yourself healthy by pre-planning a few nutritious snacks for the day, and reap the rewards of a regular munchy-munch. Nobody likes a hangry colleague.

What snacks are you hiding from your colleagues? 

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