Jilted lovers share the reason they called their wedding off.

Ah, Reddit. If it weren’t for you, where would we be? (Probably outside and/or reading books, to be honest… but still. A life without Reddit is one we don’t want to know about.)

A new thread on the forum asks “Why was the wedding called off?” and it is GIVING US LIFE.

Here are just some of the responses.

“Sandra was really Daniel”

“[We] called it off a few days after the wedding because ‘marriage wasn’t for her’,” Redditor ‘imacashew’ wrote. “She moved to another state with her friend Sandra. Turns out Sandra was really Daniel. Found out a few years after everything happened.”

Before you grab a box of tissues and start weeping away, don’t. This story has a huge silver lining.

“Best thing that ever happened to me, forced me to work harder, make new friends, and value everything so much more.”

Aw. Be still our beating hearts.

Cya later

“It got too stressful, so we cancelled everything, booked a months holiday in Vanuatu, and eloped instead,” explained BrandNewOmelette. “It still happened, but no one knew for months.”

wedding cake
"It still happened, but no one knew for months." Image via iStock.

The other side

"I called it off just before the invitations went out," Duesizzle wrote. "The wedding planning showed me a dark/spoiled/selfish side of her in far too great a detail."

The 'bridezilla' side of his wife-to-be's personality was so bad, Duesizzle actually fell out of love with the person he promised to marry.

"Ladies, it isn't YOUR day. It is OUR day. If you can't understand that, you don't need to be getting married."



"My wife's best friend called it off because she found her fiancé trying on lingerie," elliotsilvestri wrote.

"I was never sure if she was upset that he was a cross-dresser or if she was angry he wore her panties without her permission."


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Blame it on the shrooms

"[We] bought a house and a few weeks from the wedding he called me and said he couldn't do it," RecycledPaper wrote.

But wait 'til you hear the explanation why.

The Redditor's fiancé had been camping with his brothers the week prior, and that's when things started to unravel.

"He did shrooms, had a moment of spiritual awakening and then say he didn't want to be tied down," RecycledPaper said. "He [said he] wasn't happy anymore and I gave him panic attacks.

"Did I mention that was the second time he had called it off?"

Well, you dodged a bullet there, sister.


"She cheated on me with one of my best friends," one man wrote, to which another replied: "That happened to me as well, but it was AFTER the wedding."

Oh. Oh... oh my god. Now that is brutal.

"She cheated on me with one of my best friends." Source: iStock.

Not quite right

"[My friend] called off her wedding two weeks before the big day," one anonymous commenter wrote. "She had attended another cousin's wedding and didn't see herself feeling the same way."

Apparently, her groom-to-be wasn't quite right for her; he was uneducated, unmotivated and, well, unemployed. On the other hand, she was a driven career woman, who wanted to succeed.

"[After the wedding] she gave him the ring back, and they went their separate ways, and as far as I know, have had no contact since."

Have you called off an engagement? Tell us why in the comments...

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