The very disturbing reason why bridesmaids always wear matching dresses.

Have you ever stopped and rationally tried to reason why we traditionally dress our bridesmaids in the same outfit?

Did the most vain part of you just assume it was so they fade into the background so soon-to-be Mrs. Brideszilla could take front and centre, demanding the kind of attention a good bridesmaid would never claim as her own?

Or did you just assume that if you’re a bridesmaid you’re basically just a glorified minion, and minions must dress the same?

Or did you think you were just a glorified minion?

If those thoughts above did actually flutter around your brain, then I writing to tell you you'd be wrong. Because there is a very old, very odd and very unbelievable reason as to why we have traditionally dressed our bridesmaids in matching kits.

According to Mental Floss, back in Ancient Roman times, bridesmaids didn't just match each other.

They also made a conscious decision to dress the same as the bride, too. (Think about that next time you're planning your impending nuptials and are trying to ensure you're the centrepiece of the party. It's really not all bad. Excluding the $50,000 hole burning in your pocket, of course.)

The bridal party used to dress the same to create an army of decoys.

The bridal party used to dress the same to create an army of decoys, lest bad spirits be attracted to the happy couple. In simple terms, the bridal party were armed with the job of keeping the couple safe by dressing the same to confuse any demons (or vengeful former suitors) long enough for the ceremony to play out.

So there you have it.

Next time you're at the altar, curse your loyal bridesmaids for not dressing in their very own wedding dress to deter the evil spirits. Because of them, your marriage is probably doomed to fail.