All the little clues that point to the identity of the Sharp Objects killer.

From the very first moments of HBO’s new thriller, Sharp Objects, we were gripped.

The series, which is based on Gillian Flynn’s book of the same name, is a mysterious who-dunnit set in the tiny, haunted town of Wind Gap, Missouri.

Wind Gap is the kind of sweaty, quiet town where you can imagine tumbleweeds rolling down the main street unobstructed. It’s also the home of a violent serial killer, who is preying on the town’s young teenage girls.

In the series, Camille Preaker (Amy Adams), is a hardworking and hard-drinking journalist, who returns to her hometown to report on the disappearance of two local girls.

Sharp Objects is the mysterious who-dunnit gripping viewers all over the world…

While she’s there, Camille is forced to face the terror hiding in her own murky past.

While only two episodes of the much-lauded series have dropped on Foxtel so far, there are some little clues that point towards the town murderer.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The basics

Two girls have been murdered in the small town so far.

The first victim, Ann Nash, was killed in August. Ann was strangled with a clothesline and her body was found dumped in a local creek.

Ann’s father Bob Nash (Will Chase) says his daughter was abducted while riding her bike to her friend’s house. The teenager left her house at 7pm and was reported missing at 8pm. Leaving the killer with a really small window to pounce on his victim.


Richard Willis (Chris Messina), a big city detective, was brought in to work on Ann’s case.

The second victim, Natalie Keene, was taken almost a year later in June. During the first episode, Natalie’s body was found in the middle of town, in the middle of the day.

Which means the killer was able to place the body there, undetected, in full view of many of the townspeople.

Neither girls were sexually assaulted before they were killed.

Clues at the crime scene

When Camille and the other characters stumbled upon Natalie’s body in the first episode, there is blood covering her lips.

This evidence suggested something violent happened to the young girl’s lips just before she was killed. In the second episode we discovered that some of Natalie’s teeth were removed with pilers.

Natalie’s nails are also perfectly painted in a shade of pink, which is out of character for the young tomboy.

The timing

The killer seems to strike in summer, when town’s children and teenagers have free reign of the streets.

Ann, the first victim, was only allowed to ride her bike to her friend’s house because it was summer and she had nagged her mother to let her go.

Everyone is a suspect

With these kind of thrillers, the killer is always hiding in plain sight.

The first episode has already offered us two likely suspects – Bob Nash and John Keene.

Bob Nash is Ann’s dad. When Camille goes to speak to him at his house, he very quickly loses his temper with one of his other children.


Given the small timeframe for Ann’s disappearance, it’s possible someone she was close to is responsible for her murder.

John Keene is Natalie’s older brother. He is seen lurking around town and drinking somberly at the local pub. Is his drinking a sign of his guilt?

What happened to Marian?

The first couple of episodes are punctuated with flashbacks of Camille’s sister, Marian (Lulu Wilson).

Marian appears to have died from a mysterious illness when the sisters were just in their early teens. Camille and Marian’s mother, Adora, has not touched her daughter’s bedroom since her death.

She seems weirdly obsessed with Marian and cold and distant towards Camille.

The Shed

This is probably the most unsettling clue to date.

During the flashbacks, teenage Camille (played by Sophia Lillis) comes across a creepy shed in the woods, which is filled with brutal, pornographic images of naked women.

This scene hints that Wind Gap has a dark, sinister history that could be linked to the current day murders.

Hidden words

Throughout the first two episodes, hidden words seem to appear and then disappear in the most unlikely places.

When Camille puts her luggage in the boot of her car, the word “dirt” appears, which then turns into “dirty”. Later, the dash of her car shows that she’s listening to “Wrong FM”.

And during a scene in her office, the word “Ask!” is spelled out in thumbtacks.

These mysterious words could be Camille’s inner-dialogue or they might be clues to the bigger mystery of the series.

You can watch the first two episodes of Sharp Objects on Foxtel Now.