At 28, Hope Hicks is now the most powerful person in the White House.

After just 11 glorious days, Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci was infamously dumped from the White House, and now Hope Hicks has been named as President Donald Trump’s newest, fourth, and youngest ever communications director.

But who is the 28-year-old and how did she make it to one of the most prestigious positions in the US before the age of 30? Here’s everything we know so far.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Hope Hicks spent her teen years modelling for Ralph Lauren and appearing on the covers of the Gossip Girl spinoff novels, ‘The It Girl,’ before attending Southern Methodist College, where she majored in English.

After graduating from university, the former PR professional came into contact with the Trump clan in 2012 when she worked on campaigns for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Two years later, Hicks became a more regular fixture within their circle, joining the Trump Organization on a permanent basis.

who is hope hicks
Hope Hicks. Source: Getty.

In 2015, Hicks modelled for Ivanka Trump's street style blog wearing a mint green design from her employer's own fashion line, saying of her boss's mint green dress, “In this outfit, I can jump on the shuttle to D.C. to do press for our upcoming hotel and come back to NYC in time for drinks with my boyfriend without having to change.”

That same year, while she was still just 25 years old, Hicks says the now President of the United States of America pulled her into his office one day and pronounced that it would be "the year of the outsider," and announced that she was joining his election campaign team.

Since then, Hicks has been on the media's radar as a key figure within the team, but unlike other Trump staffers like Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer, has kept a relatively low profile and has refused to do interviews on several occasions.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, is the claim that throughout the campaign, Hicks routinely took dictation from her employer as he waxed lyrical, turning his half-baked musings into tweets.

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Despite having now worked together for over three years, The New York Times reports Hicks still refers to the President only as "Sir" or "Mr. Trump." She also follows Trump's office dress code for women to a tee by always wearing dresses or skirts and pairing them with a nice, simple heel.


Like all of Trump's senior White House staffers (and Michael Dubke, Sean Spicer and The Mooch before her), Hicks is likely to take home an annual paycheck of AU $226,500, which for someone under 30 is not too bad at all. But then again, you do have to work for Trump to get it...

who is hope hicks
Hope Hicks with Kellyanne Conway. Source: Getty.

Whether or not Hicks will make it onto Saturday Night Live sketches ala Spicer, Bannon, and Conway, though, only time will tell.