Alex Cooper is the #1 female podcast host in the world. Her engagement story is going viral.

Father Cooper is officially engaged. 

The podcast host, who secured an $88 million deal with Spotify back in 2021, announced the news late last month. As such, the internet has responded just as one might expect from a group of devoted Gen Z'ers. 

If you don't know who Alex Cooper is, as the host of Call Her Daddy, then chances are you've been living under a digital rock. 

While she may only be 28 years old, she is the most popular female podcaster in the world.

Considering the fact there are close to 4 million podcasts in circulation, that's a pretty incredible feat. 

Watch Alex Cooper's engagement video announcement. Post continues after video. 

Video via Call Her Daddy.

In March, Cooper announced she was officially engaged to her formerly secret boyfriend who was famously known as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. She's since revealed his real identity to be film producer (and CEO of Ace Entertainment) Matt Kaplan. 

And their engagement story might just be the best one we've heard yet. 

During her podcast announcement episode, Cooper admitted she'd waiting to make her engagement public. 

"I have been keeping this to myself for a month and a half which was truly so fun that I kept it for myself and my family and my friends but then after a week I was starting to twitch," she explained. "I was like, I've been doing interviews, not being able to wear my ring and people are asking about my relationship."


The podcast host explained that her morning had started slightly off when Kaplan didn't bring her "morning coffee" but she brushed it off. After going to the studio, she was under the impression she needed to have her hair, nails and makeup done for a W Magazine photoshoot.

"[Kaplan and my publicist] conspired [the photoshoot]," she explained, adding they wanted her to look "presentable". 

But Cooper knew something was off. 

"I'm not good at photoshoots so immediately I'm like, 'There's no creative direction, why am I doing this photoshoot?' None of it really made sense," she recalled. "Of course none of it made sense. It was a fake f**king photoshoot."

What Cooper didn't realise was that at home, there was a proposal waiting for her. 

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan. Image: Instagram @alexandercooper.


There were candles, music, flowers and a computer with a message on the screen that read, "Play Me."

"I press play on the computer and it's Matt," she recalled. "It's a video of him in the exact same outfit that he wore in our first Zoom meeting. He had the bandana for COVID and the [face] mask... It was a spitting image of what I looked at when I first met him... My heart dropped into my a**."

He declared his love for Cooper and then instructed her to complete a uniquely curated scavenger hunt around their house. 

"Matt is the most romantic person that I have ever met in my life," she said in praise of Kaplan. "I feel so blessed. I'll come home some nights and... it's just him being so thoughtful."

The podcast host admitted she didn't believe it was an engagement despite the romantic gestures. Instead, she thought he was attempting to make her feel better following a turbulent personal chapter. 

"I was in a little bit of shock," she said.

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper. Image: Instagram @alexandracooper.


It didn't hit Cooper until she opened an instruction card that told her to go to the kitchen, and then their living room. 

Each room had a different theme dedicated to their time together and included mementos and photos from their relationship. 

The final clue had a glass of champagne and instructions that told her to change into sweatpants and a jumper, along with a message that read, "Meet me at the Buddha."

It was there Kaplan was waiting for Cooper with their two dogs, Henry and Bruce. 

"At this point [I thought I was] going to throw up, I just wanted to get to Matt," she said. "I go to him, he doesn't say anything and then he gets down on one knee."


"Make me the happiest man in the world. I love you so much. I can't imagine my life without you. You're my person. You're my soulmate. You're the best sex I've ever had and you mean everything to me in this world," he told her. 

"He puts the ring on my finger and we're both sobbing," Cooper recalled. 

Listen to The Spill, Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast. Post continues after audio. 

Cooper later revealed the happy news through an Instagram post where she wrote, "I bet no one had this on their 2023 bingo card lol."

The pair met in 2020 after connecting over a Zoom call. To conceal his identity, he was nicknamed "Mr. Sexy Zoom Man". 

Admittedly, Cooper struggled with the concept of marriage, explaining to her followers that she had grown up with negative examples of unhealthy and unstable marriages. As such, she didn't want to conform to marriage. 

But after meeting Kaplan, her feelings changed. 

During a date in November 2022, Cooper told her then-boyfriend he had permission to pop the question "whenever he wanted". 

"It was truly the best moment of my life," she said of their engagement story. "It was such an incredible moment."

Feature Image: Instagram @alexandracooper

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