Rhiannon says we're not seeing the real Cat and Romy on The Bachelor.


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It seems The Bachelor producers could be pulling a swifty on us.

Or as the Honey Badger would put it “Chitty chitty bang bang, thank you for the rabbits, HOO ROO” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

You see, Rhiannon was eliminated from the reality TV series on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, she told Mamamia we’re not actually seeing the real Cat and Romy on the show.

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“They were good friends of mine and I would never be friends with someone who was bad in the soul,” she explained.

“They do have a really nice side but if they don’t like you, they’re just vocal about it.”

The 28-year-old said the “mean girls of the Bachelor mansion” were actually really nice to most of the girls in the house.

“They did get along with a lot of the girls in the house, so it’s just upsetting that you are only seeing one side – that’s it – you’re not seeing them doing anything nice at all,” she explained.

“You’re seeing the worst and there’s definitely another side to them.”

However, Rhiannon added that the “people who they had run-ins with would say yes” when asked whether we’re seeing the real Cat and Romy.

The sales representative from Queensland also said Cassandra Wood is not quite the stage five clinger she’s been made out to be.

“She’s such a sweet girl and she’s got a big heart and I think obviously everything is heightened,” she told Mamamia.

“So I think because she was a little bit besotted with Nick beforehand, now it looks like she’s just madly in love… but it’s all dramatised to look like more than it is.”


Rhiannon said the other contestants didn’t actually know that Nick and Cassandra had dated in the past.

“She had only told us they had met a few times through friends, “she explained. “It would have made more sense to us in there if we had known their background.”

Rhiannon also said that her “awkward” kiss with the Honey Badger was not so awkward after all.

who got eliminated from the bachelor
The slightly awkward moment. Image: Channel Ten.

"It wasn't that bad in person," she explained. "We obviously had a little awkward moment, but the date itself goes for so long, and you don't see hardly anything of the date because the focus was about that."

"For a second it was a bit awkward but Nick and I were joking around and like playing it off, and it was totally fine between us when the date ended."

As for the winner? Rhiannon thinks Brittany will be the woman standing beside Nick at the end of the series.