A Brisbane mother and daughter are the first confirmed Australian victims from White Island.


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On Monday afternoon, 47 people, including tourists visiting from Australia, the UK, the US and China, were on New Zealand’s Whakaari/White Island when it erupted, sending plumes of ash 3700 metres into the sky.

Since the incident occurred, six people have died, including one person who died from their injuries, and 31 victims who were caught up in the eruption, including 13 Australians, have been taken to hospital.

“Of the 24 [Australians on Wharaaki/White Island at the time of eruption], we have been able to ascertain overnight and this morning that 13 of those Australians are hospitalised across multiple hospitals in New Zealand,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday.

“There are 11 Australians that are still unaccounted for, and that we fear of the five deceased persons, that three of those, up to three are Australians, but that is not yet confirmed.”


At the time of reporting, 11 Australians remain unaccounted for, however, New Zealand police do not expect to find any more survivors on Whakaari/White Island.

A Brazilian tourist, who was among those to make it away safely, documented his experience on Instagram.

“Some people have extensive burns on their bodies. Two tours on the volcano. Ours was the first. The other right after. We left the island and wasn’t even five minutes before it erupted. This other tour that arrived after couldn’t leave in time,” Allessandro Kauffmann shared on social media, according to

“Some people have serious burns. We had to stay to help those people who were on the island. The boat from this other tour was covered in ash from the volcano. Very tense talking about this. We just have to hope that all is as well as can be.”

Kiwi officials made the decision to airlift at least 31 injured across the country, ensuring each patient could be seen by specialists within burns units as far away as Christchurch.

The dispersal has complicated the identification process and the communication of those names to the public.


NZ police have committed to releasing more information as soon as they can.

“We are working to confirm the identities of those involved… the nature of the injuries that people have suffered is severe and (that) means identifying them is a complex matter,” a statement read.

“We are working through the process to identify them as quickly as possible, to return those who have died to their loved ones.”

Since the incident occurred, a memorial has been set up at a nearby wharf as emergency services focus on recovering victims.

Around New Zealand, flags are also flying at half-mast as a mark of respect for the victims.


“To those who have lost or are missing family and friends, we share in your unfathomable grief,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

“Your loved ones stood alongside Kiwis who were hosting you here, and we grieve with you,” she added.

“For now, obviously our duty is to return loved ones.”

Although no victims have been officially named just yet, a number of names – including a man who has died and a number of people who are still missing – have been reported by Stuff.

Here are the victim’s names, faces and stories.

Hayden Marshall-Inman

Hayden Marshall-Inman
Tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman is the first named victim. Image: Facebook.

Hayden Marshall-Inman, a tour guide for White Island Tours, lost his life in the disaster – and was the first victim to be publicly named.

Marshall-Inman's brother confirmed the news on Facebook on Monday evening.

"Friends and family, very sad news this evening. My bro Hayden Marshall-Inman has passed away doing the one thing he loved," Mark Inman wrote.

Friends remembered the tour guide as "energetic" and a "spectacular human".

"He had the kindest heart, it was never about him. He definitely created a ripple effect of happiness to others, a very likeable guy," one woman said.

Julie Richards and Jessica Richards (pictured above)

Julie Richards, 47, and her 20-year-old daughter Jessica were booked in for an excursion to White Island. They left for New Zealand last Monday and were due home this weekend.

On Wednesday morning, it was reported that the mother and daughter had been found deceased.

Jessica, just 20 years old, was a promising AFL player who was studying veterinary science at the University of Queensland.


According to family and friends, the pair were incredibly adventurous and loved cruising.

"It is just devastating news," family friend John Mickel told media in Brisbane.

"You live in hope it's not going to be your loved one's name that comes up," he added.

"But the hope was snuffed out this morning with the message from New Zealand police."

Gavin Dallow, Lisa Dallow and Zoe Hosking

gavin and lisa dallow whakaari white island
Gavin and Lisa Dallow on their wedding day in 2017. Image: Facebook/Rotary Adelaide.
zoe hosking
Zoe Hosking, 15. Image: Facebook.

Adelaide lawyer Gavin Dallow, his wife Lisa Dallow and her 15-year-old daughter Zoe Hosking were on a two-week cruise and had taken a day trip to the volcano.



On Tuesday evening, Nine News reported that engineer Lisa Dallow had been found alive in New Zealand's Hamilton Hospital, where she is being treated for severe burns to 57 per cent of her body.

“We feel for all the families who are going through the same frustration and fear for loved ones as we are,” a family spokesperson said at the time.



On Wednesday afternoon, less than a day after Lisa was found alive, her husband and her 15-year-old daughter were confirmed dead.

In a statement, the family said: "The Dallow family is saddened to confirm the body of Gavin Dallow has been found and identified by New Zealand Police."

"New Zealand Police have also advised the family that Zoe Hosking is presumed dead, with her body on White Island. Recovery may not be possible for at least a couple of days due to the dangerous conditions," they wrote.

"We mourn the loss of Gavin and Zoe. Gavin was a wonderful son and brother. We'll miss him at the cricket and we'll miss him at the football. He was a generous man, always helping his family and community.

"Our hearts break at the loss of Zoe at such a young age. We know her loss will also devastate her school community and the local Girl Guides, of which she was an active member."

Anthony Langford, Kristine Langford, Jesse Langford and Winona Langford


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My first post in a while. We’re off cruising on #royalcarribeancruise Happy birthday @langers68 Bon voyage everyone!

A post shared by Kristine Langford (@krissyl73) on


North Sydney couple Anthony Langford and Kristine Langford, as well as their two children – Jesse 19, and Winona 17, were listed as missing following the incident.

The family of four were travelling on a cruise ship when they took a tour of White Island.

"All we know is that they went on a cruise on White Island, there was an explosion and they're missing," Anthony Langford's brother told Seven News.

"We don't know anything at all. I hope that anyone who knows anything, who sees my brother or his wife or his kids, can notify the media and they can notify us."

On Wednesday morning, Jesse was found alive in a New Zealand hospital. His father, mother and sister Winona remain unaccounted for.

It's believed relatives of the Langford family are on their way to New Zealand to be with Jesse, who is currently in hospital.

Karla Mathews, Richard Elzer and Jason Griffiths

Karla Mathews, Richard Elzer
Karla Mathews and Richard Elzer. Image: Facebook.

Karla Mathews, Richard Elzer and Jason Griffiths travelled to the island together.

Griffiths, 33, who is from Coffs Harbour, is understood to be in hospital with serious burns.

Mathews and Elzer, however, are still missing.


Feature Image: Facebook.

For more information, you can visit the Red Cross website Restoring Family Links.

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