The fitness accessories you need - and the ones you really don't

Image: Think Stock

I’m a sucker for a fitness accessory. It’s really hard for me to walk into a sports shop and leave without a new water bottle, or a new gym towel, or some fancy new socks.

After all, accessories are often the only things I can really afford in those shops. And with every new purchase, I somehow convince myself that this is the one thing that will make me fitter and faster and a general superhuman.

As with most things in life, some accessories are amazing, and some are really quite useless. Some make your life easier, and some might hinder your workout to the point where you just give up altogether… and that’s not really ideal.

So after all my trial and error, I’ve come up with the definitive list of the fitness accessories you need – and the ones you don’t:

Which workout accessories do you love, and which do you think are completely unnecessary?