Where in the world is Taylor Swift?


Taylor Swift, 25, kicks off her 1989 tour in Sydney on Saturday night, but has she touched down on our fair shores yet? Apparently not.

Swift hasn’t been seen for days. She didn’t attend the American Music Awards for which she was nominated six times, and where many of her girl squad strutted around looking tall and bronzed, crazed with power without their fearless leader’s presence.

She wasn’t with her boyfriend Calvin Harris, who was performing a show in Mexico City.

Twitter wants to know where Taylor Swift’s at.

Then there’s the question of the ARIAs this Thursday. Usually there are high profile international guests — wouldn’t Taylor Swift be the perfect choice to present an award at Australia’s biggest night in music?

Alas, no. Swift is supposedly filming a music video on Thursday and therefore will not be present at the awards.

The Sydney Morning Herald columnist Andrew Hornery has been following this mystery with rising alarm.

He contacted Universal Music, and was told, “Look I can’t tell you anything. I’m not trying to throw you a curve ball … and don’t quote me,” by a senior marketing director, who then hung up abruptly.

The plot thickens!

Taylor Swift’s kitty, where is your mum? Image via Instagram.

Even Swift’s social media accounts are eerily silent. The last thing she posted on Instagram was a picture of her cat. The last words she tweeted was about the Paris terror attacks ten days ago.

There have been various unverified sightings of the pop star in New Zealand and also speculation that she could be holed up on Hamilton Island.

Well, we can speculate too! I think she’s spending time at a pure-breed cat sanctuary. No, no, I think she’s probably just doing lazy circles of the globe in her private jet. No, wait, she’s most likely getting back to her country roots by rehearsing with her secret bluegrass band in Tennessee. New record Taylor and her Banjo dropping soon.