It's a smart mattress that will tell you if your partner is cheating.

Your phone lights up unexpectedly.

Even more unexpectedly… It’s a message from your mattress.

Alerting you to the fact it’s currently in-use. Or, more accurately, that your partner’s likely getting hot and heavy with someone else. On your bed. And being monitored in real-time by your stalkerishly-smart mattress.

Yes, the Smarttress, by Spanish-based company Durmet, has a Lover Detection System, which uses strategically placed sensors to detect suspicious activity, as well as the impact, duration and intensity of this activity.

Basically it’s a smart watch for your mattress.

And what does it do with this information? Sends it to your iPhone, of course. Wherever you are.

“If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is,” as the Smattress tag line states.

The moment I realised my relationship was over. Post continues below video.

The smart mattress is taking the idea of snooping to an whole new level. It enables you to tell if your partner is seeing someone else, how often they’re doing it and at what speed / intensity / position they prefer. (Too much information, anyone?)

If the bed is in use when you’re not in the house, it’ll send you live updates on the steamy status of your mattress.

Perfect for parents, too, who want to spy on the teens in their family.

It might be genius, or it might be taking technology one-step too far. Because, as smart as it is, I do have a few questions around the whole concept. For example:

Do you go shopping for a smart mattress together?

Aren’t there easier ways to detect cheating? I’m thinking cameras, phone snooping, or (warning – no technology involved) just plain talking?

Aren’t there different places your partner could be cheating on you, other than on your very smart bed?

Finally, if you’re relying on your mattress to confirm your suspicions, isn’t that a sign of much bigger problems in your relationship?

A faithful mattress is one thing. Having faith in your partner – and not needing reassurance by sensors in your mattress springs – is something else entirely.