Get out the mango daiquiris: Love Island is just around the corner.

Praise be to the gods of trashy TV.

Love Island is nearly here.

I can almost smell the mango daiquiris… and the drama… and the fake tan.

You see, a few weeks ago Bachelor In Paradise ended.

After five weeks of watching people drinking mango daiquiris and havin’ a chat on TV, we were left high and dry.

All the bachie alums went back to their very important jobs as Instagram influencers and people who visit Bali, and we were left with a Bach In Paradise-shaped hole in our lives that not even Jarrod’s pot plant could fill.

But now something glorious is about to happen.

Sophie Monk, the queen of trashy TV, has assembled a bunch of ridiculously good lookin’ millennials on an island somewhere.

They’re going to drink and fight and gossip and hook up and get very sunburned indeed and we get to witness the whole thing.

The very first episode of Love Island will air on Sunday, May 27 on Channel Nine.

Yep, that’s less than two weeks away.

So slap on the sun-in and get the popcorn ready, cause there’s bound to be some island-based scandals coming our way.

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