What you should never wear at the airport (and what you should), according to a travel expert.

As the temperature drops, many Aussies are setting their sights on sun-drenched destinations like Spain and Greece (take me with you, seriously). 

But before you start envisioning sandy beaches and ancient ruins, there's one essential factor to consider: airport security.

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Navigating airport security can be the most anxiety-inducing part of your journey, and we all want to get a gold star for being that passenger who gets through in record speed, right?

The last thing you want is to be standing at airport security with your belt in one hand and shoes in the other, all because you didn't realise there were certain "rules" you needed to follow.

Because we like to be extra prepared (and want you to be too), we spoke to travel expert and Trip Shepherd guide, Stephanie Webb, about what not to wear when catching a flight and what to switch them out for instead.

Here's what she had to say.

What not to wear when boarding a flight.

High heels.

It seems pretty self-explanatory but when boarding a flight, it's a good idea to leave the stilettos at home. 


"While they may look stylish, high heels can be uncomfortable for long walks through the airport and can slow you down during security checks," Stephanie told Mamamia

But it's not just pencil-thin heels you should reconsider—thick wedge heels can also raise eyebrows. Some airports prohibit them due to concerns about concealed substances. 

Excessive jewellery.

Everyone knows that jewellery completes an outfit, but unless you want to be stopped at airport security, it's best to keep them in your luggage.

"Chunky bracelets, oversized necklaces, and elaborate accessories can trigger additional security screening and may need to be removed during the process," said Stephanie. 

"Save yourself the hassle and keep them off."


Overly revealing clothing.

While shorts and singlet tops are fine, be wary of wearing anything overly revealing. 

Airlines still follow strict dress codes, and the last thing you want is to be kicked off your flight over your outfit. 

"While it's essential to feel confident in what you wear, overly revealing or provocative clothing may land you in trouble with your chosen airline," Stephanie said.

Don't shoot the messenger, we're just looking out for you! 

Strong perfumes or cologne.

There is nothing worse than someone wearing an overwhelming scent in an enclosed space. Now, imagine dealing with that on a 14-hour flight... no thanks.

"While it's tempting to freshen up before a flight, strong scents can be overwhelming in the confined space of an aeroplane cabin. Be mindful of your fellow passengers and opt for light, subtle fragrances or skip them altogether," said Stephanie. 

What to wear instead.

Slip on shoes.

Comfortable shoes are a must, but according to Stephanie, shoes that "are easy to slip on and off" are ideal.


"Choose a pair of shoes that you can easily take on and off, especially if you want to navigate security lines efficiently," she said.

So ditch the jumbo sneakers and opt for a pair of Birkenstocks or ballet flats instead. 

Simple accessories.

Just because you can't wear your entire jewellery collection doesn't mean you have to leave accessorising behind altogether.

"Simplify your accessories — a delicate necklace, a wedding ring or a pair of studs are all fine to wear," said Stephanie.

"Fine jewellery won't trigger airport security."



Finally, if you want a seamless airport experience and a smooth flight, wear layers. Aeroplanes can be notoriously cold, so it's always smart to have a jacket on hand.

But wearing clothes you can easily remove is also helpful when walking through security.

"Easy-to-remove layers are going to help you breeze through security checkpoints. Just make sure your clothes don't have any intricate fastenings or complicated belts, as that can slow things down," said Stephanie.

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