'I'm calling it: This beachside town is Australia's most underrated holiday destination.'

As someone who loves travelling but hates the travelling process (AKA flights over eight hours), I am privileged to say that I have been running out of options on places to visit.

Another person who shares my privileged holiday struggle is my dad. 

We both have the same list of requirements for what we would classify as a "good" destination: Eating, drinking, sightseeing and (most importantly) a chilled vibe.

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As city people, we like our holidays to be stress- and chaos-free.

And the universe heard our call because Jetstar recently introduced direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne (and soon Brisbane) to Busselton, WA. 

Busselton is a little beachside city located in Western Australia. It's just under a 2.5-hour drive from Perth and it is one of the best places I've ever been to (and as a frequent traveller, that's saying a lot). 

My dad and I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Busselton and it has to be the most well-situated hotel in the area. It was, at most, a five-minute walk to the most popular tourist activities, the beachfront and some of the best restaurants and breweries. If you can snag a waterfront-facing room, I'd highly recommend it as the view is mesmerising. 


View from the Hilton Garden Inn. Image: Supplied

Here are the top-tier activities we did in Busselton that you should definitely put on your list...

How to get around Busselton.

Surfers Point, South West Luxury transport. Image: Supplied.


The best way to travel around Busselton is either by foot or car. Staying at the hotel was perfect for us because most of the things we wanted to see and do were within walking distance, but we did also hire a car (booked in advance and picked up from the airport) so we could get involved in some of the activities that were a littl further from our accommodation.

Busselton also has great private transport options such as South West Luxury Transport, which we used to get to our wine tour so we could both fully enjoy the experience. Our driver, Andrew, was so knowledgeable about the area and our drive, along with being extremely comfortable, also ended up doubling up as a mini-tour.


Where to eat in Busselton.

(L-R) Shelter & Brewing Co.; Banksia Tavern; Inara Dining. Image: Supplied.

As big foodies, my dad and I were most excited about all the incredible places to eat in Busselton.

The Hilton Garden Inn has a beautiful restaurant on-site called Together & Co., which  served modern Australian cuisine. The same space converted to the morning breakfast buffet — and we all know that hotel breakfast buffets are elite.


Don't worry, the food adventures didn't stop there...

Along with Together & Co., Banksia Tavern and Inara Dining are both great options for a lush dining experience. Or for a great family-friendly option, Shelter Brewing Co. is a two-minute walk from the hotel. Their beer is brewed locally and they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (If you're heading there for lunch, I highly recommend getting the mussels.)

What do to in Busselton.

Book a winery tour.

Voyager Estate. Image: Supplied.


Busselton is about a 45-minute drive away from Margaret River so it would be silly to not visit a vineyard while in the area. Whether you drink or not, visiting the winery estates in the Margaret River region, exploring or having a long lunch, is a beautiful way to spend the day.

We joined a wine tour at Voyager Estate, which I highly recommend. I thought I knew about wine but after the tour, it was clear that I... didn't. Don't be concerned, I definitely do now.

Voyager offers different tour packages so you can choose whichever type suits you (their cheese selection, like their wine, is excellent). 

Explore Busselton Jetty.

Busselton Jetty, Underwater Observatory & Jetty Train. Image: Supplied.


If you're a fun-fact nerd like me, you're going to love this one... Busselton Jetty is the second longest jetty in the southern hemisphere, at 1.8km long. It is also home to one out of six natural aquariums in the world.

A group of volunteers who are very knowledgeable about the history of Busselton and the reef below the Jetty manage the operations of the jetty, and there are plenty of ways to explore. You can walk the jetty or take the train — we did both and the journey is so beautifully scenic, you'll spend the whole time just taking in the view.

You can also opt to travel below the sea level (!) at the end of the jetty and look at the reef that lives below it.

Treat yourself to a massage.

Tama Wellness. Image: Supplied. 


Personally, a lush form of self-care is always on my holiday to-do list. Tama Wellness is about a 25-minute drive from the Hilton Inn, and the team there is incredible, and super professional. I was in safe hands and came out feeling so relaxed yet also... energised? Not sure how that works but I'm definitely not questioning it.

Since coming back to busy Sydney, I haven't stopped recommending Busselton to everyone I meet. The experience of seeing and walking the Busselton Jetty was truly once in a lifetime, and it's the type of holiday that every family member will enjoy.

Mamamia travelled as a guest of Hilton Garden Inn Busselton. All opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

If you want more from Emily Vernem you can follow her on Instagram @emilyvernem.

Feature image: Supplied.

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