Penis filler is a thing and we're going to need to talk about it.

It has been brought to my attention that 'penis filler' is a thing that is on the rise in Australia, and we simply must talk about it. 

Yes. Filler! Like the stuff you might get put in your face, only it's for the schlong!  

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Of course, I have some urgent questions about this. Where do I start? With someone who knows what they're talking about, probably.

To find out the long and, er, short of it, I hit up Queensland-based cosmetic doctor and general practitioner Dr Ingrid Tall

Dr Tall is one of Australia's leading non-surgical penis enhancement specialists and author of the book Private Renovations. She also runs a cosmetic clinic — Cosmetic Image Clinics — where penile-girth enhancement (also known as penis filler), has quietly exploded in popularity.

"We've had a maximum of four in a day," says Dr Tall. "But I've been doing it for seven years now, and it's becoming increasingly more and more popular."

Woah. Hold up. What is 'penis filler'?

A good place to start. Put simply, penis filler is similar to facial filler injection — only it's used to increase both the width and length of a penis.


"There are generally two different types of volumising agents used," Dr Tall tells us. 

"One is the standard volumising treatment that we've been using for nearly three decades in Australia, which is commonly used in many areas of the body, including lips and cheeks. For penile enhancement, we tend to use the same firm, long-lasting volumising agent that we use in the cheeks.

"There is another one that is much more rarely used because we don't have a simple reversing agent or antidote to it." This means the treatment usually can't be reversed. "That's called a collagen stimulating agent, which encourages people to grow their collagen."


So, what's involved in the procedure?

"They [the patient] come in fairly nervous, of course, and there's a lot of paperwork and consent processes — they've got to agree to the acknowledgment of the risks of the procedure," says Dr Tall.

But once all of that is out of the way, it's time to fill 'er up.

After a "very strong" numbing cream is applied to the area, the patient waits for about half an hour before treatment. Dr Tall notes that the actual volumising agent (the filler) has a local anesthetic in it as well.

There are two different ways that filler can be inserted into the penis, she explains.

"One is using a blunt cannula, which is like the little plastic tube that's inserted into the back of the hand when you're having an intravenous drip," she says.


"The volumising agent can be then be inserted through this little tube into the lining in between the sliding skin layer and the fixed layer underneath. It's quite superficially placed — not deep into the penis where the erectile chambers become engorged with blood."

Sounds 10/10 terrifying. The other method?

"Sometimes we just use the standard needle technique or the 'sharp' technique. And then, often there's combination of the two techniques that are employed."

While it sounds like it would be quite a painful treatment for quite a sensitive area, according to Dr Tall, most patients find it's surprisingly tolerable. 

"Interestingly, when guys have facial treatments for freshening up their face or anti-ageing procedures, they say it's a lot more uncomfortable and painful than having this procedure on their most precious organ.

"When you approach it with a cannula or needle, it's really surprisingly comfortable. I've had guys that fall asleep during the procedure, or property developers on the phone doing deals, or simply watching movies."

Why are the men getting injections in their penises?

Dr Tall tells Mamamia, there's good reason why non-surgical penis enhancements have become so popular in Australia.

"Interestingly, 42 per cent of Australian men think that they have a small penis — but that's too many to actually have a small penis on average," she tells us.

Meaning? A lot of people may think they have a small penis when it's actually a perfectly normal size. 


"Nowadays, people are on PornHub and they're watching increasingly more nude scenes in movies and TV shows, and they're getting a false sense of insecurity or inadequacy, which, ideally they shouldn't have."

As for the type of client coming in for the procedure?

"We get a lot of guys who are driven, go-getting alpha males," Dr Tall says. "Generally, it's the competitive types who just want to be the 'alpha dog' in a way. We're seeing very successful guys — a lot of CEOs and property developers. But it's becoming more mainstream — we also see lots of labourers and tilers. In Western Australia, we have a lot of miners who come into our clinic, where their discretionary spending is a lot higher than average." 

"Really, it's any guy really who can afford it."

But why spend so much on something most people won't even... see?

Two words: Grey sweatpants.

"There's also the grey sweatpants phenomenon, where their silhouette is a little more obvious," says Dr Tall. 

"There's supposedly a 'grey sweatpants epidemic' erupting in Australia at the moment. Our clinic recently did a study on 'crotch watching' and found well over 60 per cent of people who admitted to looking at people's crotch. How many of the others are actually telling the truth? One doesn't know."


What are the benefits of penis filler?

When it comes to benefits and results of penis filler injections, candidates are looking at an increase in both girth and length of the penis.


"The main focus is on the width — and that will expand more than the length — but you do get both benefits due to the weight of the volumising agent that we use. It actually pulls down on the suspensory ligament of the penis and creates usually one to two centimetres of penile elongation."

To put this into perspective, a 2014 international study found the average erect length of a penis sits at 5.16 inches, with an average girth of 4.6 inches. When flaccid, the average penis was noted as 3.6 inches long and 3.7 inches in girth.

There is one catch with this treatment though. 

While the procedure does make a penis longer when it's flaccid, unfortunately when it comes to the length of an erect penis, what you see is what you get.

"However, it will make the width bigger when it's both flaccid and erect," notes Dr Tall. Because in 2024, apparently girth matters as much as length.

What a time.

Not only will the procedure grant a wider and longer penis, but Dr Tall also says it can increase sexual performance. 

"Specifically, the duration of the time from the commencement of intercourse to ejaculation from two minutes to five minutes on average. So that's a big win," said Dr Tall.

Another immediate improvement for patients is an increase in their self-esteem and confidence — both in the bedroom and outside the bedroom. 


"This is what the whole cosmetic industry is about. Our job is to make people feel fresher, better, more invigorated and more confident in presenting their best face or body to the world. I think even though not many people are going to see the result of what's done when they come in for penis filler, it just gives them a boost."

Do you need repeat treatments?

As you would with facial filler, Dr Tall says a yearly tweak and top-up is recommended just to "keep things lovely, smooth and refined." 

Beyond that, the filler can be expected to last for a couple of years, or in my many cases, much longer. 

What are the side effects?

One thing you need to know is that this procedure is way more than just "filling" a penis. It's an art. Like any cosmetic treatment, Dr Tall says it should look natural - no lumps or bumps. Just a nice-looking "smooth and lovely" penis.

As with any medical procedure, Dr Tall highlights the potential risks and side effects, including migration of the product because of its placement in the 'sliding skin layer'. She also emphasises the importance of proper care and maintenance of the treated area to minimise the risk of complications and ensure optimal results. 

"We recommend that men do not have sexual intercourse for two weeks after and they also shouldn't masturbate for two weeks," she says. "They also shouldn't do any exercise involving the lower body for about a week.

"You've got to massage and a mould it, and keep it in shape as much as possible. We recommend doing this twice a day, for at least a minute in the morning and at night, and then every time they go to the toilet."


A compression bandage worn for five days is also recommended to prevent any kinks. 

How much does it cost?

"It's still a very expensive procedure," Dr Tall says. "While a lot of people can afford to get their lips treated, it can cost 20 times as much to get your penis treated because we need a lot more of the products that we use."

"There are different packages but the most common one, of course, is the biggest one. The Ultimate Package. And that's $9000."

A very expensive peen, indeed.

Dr Tall explains the 'biggest' package involves what is equivalent to four teaspoons of filler — with five mls in one teaspoon.

On average, Dr Tall says this would give about 2.2 centimetres increase of circumference. The average circumference is nine centimetres, so you'll get 2.2 centimetres increase and one to two centimetres increase in length. "It's roughly overall a 20 per cent increase in volume."

The price? Huge. But for the penis you've always wanted, it's priceless.

Have you heard of penis filler before? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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