Forget trying to be #blessed, just try a little lagom in your life.

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Remember “hygge”? That Danish obsession with being, well, cosy? The wellness movement went wild for it last year – and it quickly became a worldwide hit.

You couldn’t log onto Instagram or Facebook without seeing its influence (or its hashtag), with those wanting a piece of Danish happiness buying themselves everything from scented candles and big pieces of cake to actively spending more time with the people they love.

But before you strap yourself and settle in, becoming a little more cosy with the concept, it’s time to introduce another wellness trend quickly taking its place. Because 2017 is all about “lagom”.

Heard the word, but not sure about the idea? The premise of lagom is really, very simple. Translated from Swedish, it means ‘just the right amount’. Like the third bowl of porridge Goldilocks eats from the bears, everything is about being ‘just right’. It’s all about being a bit frugal, a bit fair and keeping things balanced as can be.

This is how you can be a little more lagom in your life.

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1. How's your work/life balance doing?

If the very essence of being lagom is to have not too much, but not too little either, then certainly work/life balance emerges as one of the key things to have a look at. And although we've established fairly well by now the perfect balance of work and life is all but unattainable, it's worth picking out small parts that can make our lives more balanced.

Am I spending too long at work? Or, to be more specific, am I spending too long sitting down? Perhaps it's time to look at your working position, and look into investing in a standing desk.

On the other hand, in this frenetic and chaotic existence, it might be a little too idealistic to ask yourself if you stop enough. But it can be far more simple than that. For example, do I sit for perhaps five minutes and have a cup of tea to settle the mind? That might be just enough - but not too much, as is the essence of lagom -  to inject a bit more sanity into your life.

2. It might be time to enjoy healthier meals.

Another small change you can make, and one that is particularly lagom, is enjoying healthier meals. Slow down on spending too much on your food - especially the unhealthy kind - and start sticking to the outer aisles of the supermarket. Stock up on your fruit and your veg and look into eating a more balanced diet. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't have the odd piece of cake with your cup of tea, but it does mean being mindful of what's going into your body.

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In addition, enlisting the principles of lagom when it comes to food means moderating your portions, too. Perhaps it's time to plan your meals ahead to make sure everything is considered.


3.  Bask in enjoying less.

Another central part of lagom is minimalism. That could mean de-cluttering the home, it could mean de-cluttering your desk or your car or it could just mean de-cluttering your mind.

Spending less is also key to this minimalist lifestyle and the fastest way to be a little more lagom is to stop yourself before buying something you may not really need. Using Marie Kondo's core ideas about cleaning, it's important to recognise whether your purchases have a clear and core purpose, and if they spark joy in you. If not, it's probably not necessary.

The concept of lagom isn't even just about the individual, too. It's about sustainability and your impact on the planet. Have shorter showers, even. It might not have as much an impact on you but it certainly will on the footprint you leave.

And that, my friends, is a quick, five-minute go-to guide to what's going on in the wellness world. You can be part of it, too.

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