The bottle cap challenge has taken over Instagram. And Mariah Carey has officially won it.

Ever thought to check your kicking accuracy by backwards kicking a bottle cap off the top of a bottle? Neither did we.

But the internet is no place for rational thinking.

The ‘bottle cap challenge’ originated in martial arts circles as a means of testing karate and kicking skills, but since the internet loves a challenge (remember the ice bucket challenge?) the bottle cap challenge has become a… thing.

So, instead of having you trawl through the hashtag #BottleCapChallenge on Instagram or Twitter to find the funniest or most impressive attempts, we compiled the very best bottle cap challenges on the internet for you.

For context, let’s start with Jason Statham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s actor husband who has a weirdly accurate kick.

Donnie Yen nailed it.


Guy Ritchie just went and… did it.

And John Mayer was weirdly good at it.


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First @erlsn.acr did it. Then @blessedmma followed, and challenged me. I now challenge @jasonstatham. #bottlecapchallenge

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In fact several celebrities, plus a few amateurs, nailed the challenge.



Buuuut most people just can't get it.

Mariah Carey managed to pop the top off a bottle by singing a note so high most people can't even hear it.


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Challenge accepted! #bottlecapchallenge

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... how.

Ryan Reynolds tried his absolute best, but didn't quite get there in the end.


And for everyone else who couldn't actually do the whole 'kicking with extreme accuracy' thing, the challenge became incredibly silly.




And then there's people who are just calling bulls*t on the whole thing.

Time to hit the karate studio.

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