Exactly how to tell who's the personality hire in your team.

It's an open secret in the workplace that experience, qualifications and skills are not all it takes to get a job.

But in recent months, people have taken a shine to jumping on camera and boasting about the fact they were hired for their charisma rather than their ability to actually... do the job.

Instead of being recognised for how good they are in their role, they're praised for having a good vibe and creative energy in the office.

They believe in work-life balance. They know all about quiet quitting. They're a dominating presence in the room, but not at all intimidating, or actually all that dominating.


I bring good vibes okay????

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They tend to talk a lot. They're also probably your favourite person to hang out with during lunch break, but probably not the best to be around when it's crunch time.

They are the infamous Personality Hire. They're sweet, affable and have a reputation for being slightly work-avoidant. And they're taking over TikTok.

ICYMI, by definition, a 'personality hire' is a colleague whose personality traits, attitudes and behaviours were considered more than their skills, qualifications and credentials during the hiring process.

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Basically, they were hired because they are a good time. 

Now, personality hires get a bit of a bad rap for skating by on pretty much nothing but their literal personality, but there is a fine line between a bad personality hire and a good one.

Either way, every single workplace has one.

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So how do you figure out who the personality hire is in your team? (And, er... if it's you? Awkward.) 

Here is your ultimate checklist to figure out who was chosen for their vibes not their vocational abilities

1. They not only believe in work-life balance, they adhere to it. Strictly.

In fact, they likely spearhead it (and they were behind quiet quitting too).

2. When they quit, memorial services are held in their honour.

Because we have to mourn our greatest fallen soldiers.

3. They learnt what soft skills were and never stopped talking about them. 

Who needs a degree when you've got charisma?

4. They have the CEO's number saved in the phone... 

With an emoji next to their name. If it's a coloured heart, you just know the CEO has invited them over for their kids' graduation party.

5. Do they never seem to know what's going on... ever?

Answer: Only when it matters.

6. They have a loose definition of 'lunch hour'.

When the contract says it's a 60-minute, but they've been at Sushi Train for two hours 🤔.

7. Their rostered times are apparently optional. 


Only for them though.

8. They make up clubs. 

Movie Club. Social Club. Book Club. Netball on Wednesdays. Soccer on Thursdays. These are all clubs started by personality hires and likely managed by their Type A work wives.

9. Their job interview was... probably a big red flag.

Were they late? Likely. Did they actually talk about the position they were applying for? Absolutely not. But do you love them still? Undeniably so, and you can't figure out why. But the day is better with them around. 

10. If there's a water cooler, they're beside it. 

Or the snack basket.

11. You love them, but you do wonder if they know how to log into their laptop. 

Because why are we three hours into work and they haven't even visited their desk yet??? 

12. They're girl bosses. 

You can't be a personality hire without actually being at least a little bit good at your job. Don't confuse this checklist for being an anti-personality hire. They work hard when put to the test.

13. They keep the spirit alive. 

Even accounting firms need that!

14. They likely have a side hustle. 

They're not MLM girlies, but they do knit or crochet or make T-shirts in their spare time. Because they literally can't be left alone with their thoughts.

15. They're booked and busy. 

Friday arvos are actually when their work week begins because it takes EFFORT to have as many plans as they do.


16. Despite all this, they're actually nice to be around.

They love hard. You'll never feel insecure around them. Life is good when there's a personality hire around because they're the first person to notice your new haircut (and it was only a trim!).

17. They've got the gift of the gab. 

Doesn't matter if you're working for the Australian Federal Police or a marketing start-up because the gift of the gab is the ultimate present. If these people can talk themselves out of doing the jobs they are actually paid to do, then they can do anything.

18. They're on your side.

You could have missed a deadline, lost a client, ruined thousands of dollars worth of product or mishandled a project. None of it will matter because the PH thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread and they're going to get you out of this (using that aforementioned gift of the gab).

19. You want to be their friend outside of work.

There's just something magnetic about the personality hire. You become obsessed. You're like a deranged woman. You ALWAYS want to see them. Unfortunately, they see going into the office as optional, so being around them day to day isn't always a guarantee.

20. Every workplace has one. 

Every. Single. One. So open your eyes, look around and find the desk with no one sitting at it. 

Because it's likely they're in the work kitchen comforting a colleague about a project gone awry or grabbing lunch 40 minutes away.

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