What/If is the melodramatic new Netflix thriller you'll want to binge in one sitting.


Now that winter has arrived, Netflix knows we’ll all be swapping nights out for cosy evenings in on the couch.

Along with the arrival of Dead to Me and The Society to the streaming service, the Netflix original What/If was released on May 24, and you’re going to want to add it to your list of binge-able TV series immediately.

Watch the trailer for What/If on Netflix. Post continues after video. 

With Renée Zellweger as the central protagonist, you’d be forgiven for expecting a television series rich with tubs of ice cream and Colin Firth, but What/If is far from the Bridget Jones we all know.

The show follows Renee Zellweger as Anna Montgomery, a mysterious and ruthless venture capitalist looking to help Lisa Donovan (Jane Levy), a woman desperate to secure funding for her medtech startup which seeks to help children.

But the investment has just one catch… Anna Montgomery wants to spend one night with Lisa’s husband, a former basketball star who is a paramedic.

Think Indecent Proposal, but flipped.

Created by Mike Kelley, the MA15+ series stars Blake Jenner (The Edge of Seventeen), Jane Levy (Evil Dead), Keith Powers (Straight Outta Compton),  Samantha Marie Ware (Glee), and of course Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones’s Diary).


The ten episode Netflix series has been given the official status of “binge-watchable” by the people of Twitter.




Other reviews, including that of Hollywood Reporter television critic Tim Goodman, were not so shiny.



“Official” criticisms aside, the Twitter reactions suggest What/If is the perfect trashy weekend binge watch.

Go and binge watch What/If on Netflix Australia right now.