Dead To Me season 2 is coming in May. Here are 5 wild fan theories about what might happen.

WARNING: Many, many spoilers for Netflix’s Dead To Me up ahead. If you haven’t watched it yet, AVERT.YOUR.EYES.

It was about a year ago when all anyone could talk about was Netflix’s Dead To Me, the dramedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini.

With its refreshing take on handling grief and loss, its portrayal of the strength of female friendships, and its realistic exploration of the struggles of both a single parent and a woman battling fertility issues, we devoured all 10 half-hour episodes of Dead To Me in a single sitting.

And now Netflix has finally confirmed when the second season will premiere.

Watch the official trailer for season two of Dead To Me. Post continues below. 

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That’s right, our favourite dark comedy series is returning to our screens on May 8. And we couldn’t be more excited.

But after the shocking season one finale precisely no one saw coming, most of us were left wanting more.

It ended on a frustratingly juicy cliffhanger and, well:

We… we have questions.

Questions that the internet has attempted to answer with a whole host of spicy theories we just can’t get enough of.

Feast your eyes and prepare to have your minds certifiably blown:

Judy’s miscarriage and Ted’s death may have been linked.

How has the internet drawn this conclusion?

Her dress.

A Reddit user picked up on the fact that Judy was wearing the same dress during flashback scenes from both traumatic events.

The dress. Image: Netflix.

"Did anyone else notice that the dress she's wearing in the car is the same dress she has on at the hospital when she miscarried at 5 months?" they posted.

"What do you think this means?"

Fellow Redditors suggested she either miscarried because of the accident, or hit Ted coming home from the hospital due to being so distraught.

Verrry interesting.

Jen didn't shoot Steve.

Behold, from a particularly passionate Reddit theorist:

"Jen did not shoot Steve, I'm sure of that," they said.

"What I think happened is that after Jen pulled the gun, Steve backed down and was walking away when Charlie clocked him in the head with a baseball bat or golf club, killing him," they continued.

"Could be that he did it because he thought he was protecting his mum from danger, or maybe he overhead the conversation and was lashing out at the guy who was there when his dad was killed. Either way, it's going to be really hard to claim self defense, which is why Jen called Judy rather than the police."

They seem to suggest that if Jen actually shot Steve, she could have called the police to report him as an intruder.

Instead, she called Judy, which makes it seem as though she’s got something to cover up.

Jen's neighbour Karen is more important than she seems.

Karen with the Mexican lasagna's involvement in Steve's death might actually be the plot twist of the century if this theory rings true.

Reddit user Maryssmith is certain Karen's random return in the final episode means something pretty juicy.

Here's what she's theorised:

"Mexican Lasagna Lady shot Steve," she posted and We. Are. Listening.

She continued:

"Karen, being the security nut that she is, would have just come back from Jen's not that long ago before she heard the massively loud alarm go off, triggered by Charlie when, unaware of the systems, he tripped them coming home. Let's say that Karen then gets one of her guns and creeps over to Jen's to check on her and winds up witnessing the interaction between Steve and Jen. Just as Steve is about to try to get the gun away from Jen, Karen fires. She shoots Steve in the back and he falls face-first into the pool."


Judy was brainwashed.

The internet is certain Judy's behaviour around her ex Steve hints at another backstory we've not yet uncovered.


They seem to think Judy instantly responding "It's okay" whenever Steve apologises is an intentional piece of repeated dialogue that means... something.

Well, one Redditor suggests Steve brainwashed her to believe she was the one who hit Ted, when actually, it was him.

"We know that there is psychological abuse in his relationship with Judy, with Steve being controlling over her," the post explains.

"My thoughts are that Steve was actually the driver on the night but due to his control over Judy and her instability, he’s convinced her that she was behind the wheel."

It continues:

"When Steve goes to Jen’s house what if he confessed to her that he was the one who was driving before ‘attacking’ Jen and her pulling the trigger. Jen’s tone seemed to change when she said ‘Judy would have stopped’."

Nick has a dark secret.


We love Nick.

... But, well, this one sounds pretty legit, and equally as devastating for him.

We know his partner died on the job. And we know he’s on work leave.

But while Nick at one point made it sound like it was his idea to take leave, it's later revealed it was on psychiatric grounds.


His visceral reaction to finding the gun in Charlie's backpack hinted at a personal connection to accidents involving guns, leading some fans to believe he accidentally shot his partner.

The first season of Dead To Me is available for streaming on Netflix now.

This article was originally published in May 2019 and has been updated on April 12, 2020. 

Feature Image: Netflix.