Phobias: We all have one, some are just weirder than others.

I was recently disturbed to read it has been raining tiny spiders in Australia. Literally.

Let me just repeat that: RAINING. TINY. SPIDERS.

Jesus Christ.

Now, spiders are quite a common phobia, whether they be the falling-from-the-sky type or just your garden variety, wall-dwelling daddy long legs. It's considered quite rational to have a fear of them.

What isn't rational though - in fact, what's apparently considered downright weird - is to have a fear of is cornflour. Well, consider me odd then because I am fucking terrified of it. I cannot touch it in a packet or in a bowl or, if I'm honest, AT ALL. Ever. Even looking at this picture below gives me the heebee jeebees.

Cornflour - the devil's work.

Same goes for hand dryers, the ones you find in public bathrooms. They are just too loud and too useless and for the love of god, just wipe your hands with a paper towels before I have a breakdown already. *Ahem*.

And yes, I am completely aware that these are sensory issues, that both of these things overload my senses and that's why I can't deal with them and they frighten and/or sicken me. But hey, at least I'm not the only one.

In fact, it turns out we're all a bit freaky in our own special and unique ways. In just one workplace alone I was able to identify at least 15 different weird phobias (which, just quietly, make mine look completely sane).

See if you can recognise your own personal fears in the any of the following weird phobias...

Bananas (Bananaphobia)

Bananaphobia is real thing (and a real term, we checked). Whilst there is no "cure", self relaxation and visualisation can gradually help sufferers become desensitised and overcome Bananaphobia once and for all.

That's right, the humble banana is just too much for a lot of people. I'm told it's the smell, the texture, the look of it, basically, just the fact that it exists.

Buttons (Koumpounophobia)

Koumpounophobia is, simply explained, an irrational and persistent fear of buttons whether they are standalone ones or those on clothing. Even though this is considered rare, we found 3 people in one workplace who held this fear. Ways to over come Koumpounophobia include hypnosis and talk therapy (discussions around the button fear).

"Buttons sicken me"

Tiny Holes (Trypophobia)

Trypophobia is an irrational and persistent fear of holes, generally not the huge ones but the tiny holes seen within asymmetrical clusters.The fear of holes not only covers holes in the form of images, the person may also fear holes in meat, pores on the skin, on vegetables or fruits or even those in sponges, wood or even honeycomb. Currently, Trypophobia is a mostly unexplored condition.; But facing your fear of holes is one of the best ways to overcome it.

"I can't explain it but tiny holes terrify me".


This one is so rare, we couldn't find a medical name.

"I am deathly afraid of handkerchiefs"

Cotton wool balls (Sidonglobophobia)

‘Normal’ people might laugh at those who are afraid of cotton balls. However for a Sidonglobophobic individual, this phobia can actually ruin their life. Hypnotism is known to treat the fear of cotton balls. This therapy can get to the root of the phobia and helps the sufferer rationalise the fear. So too confronting the fear.

"Touching these makes me gag and dry retch"


This can be pretty extreme. As one sufferer wrote: "I have this problem and when they're wet, it's not that bad but when there dry my body covers with goosebumps and I can't handle it. Does any one know what our phobia is called?"

Sorry no, we don't.

"I cannot deal with these. Wet, dry - or at all"

Mirrors (Catoptrophobia)

Most Catoptrophobic individuals are afraid of mirrors owing to their connection with the supernatural. It is also connected to a person's fear of their own image. Taking baby steps is the best way of overcoming any fear. Same is true for Catoptrophobia.

"These will forever scare the shit out of me. I cannot enter a room that has a mirror in it with the light off. "

Hand dryers - (Ancraophobia)

People who suffer from ancraophobia tend to become anxious about wind, especially the air blown from hand dryers.
"Unnecessary and too loud. I need to escape immediately"


Nope, you're on your own here kid. There isn't a named phobia.

"It's the sound of them being crunched. I just cannot handle it"

Tissues rubbing together

"Nope. Just don't"

Elastic bands (Astihophobia)

This phobia extends to a fear of all things rubber and latex. Some of often affected by this as they had balloons popped on them as kids or were terrorised by siblings with elastic bands.

"If I have to use one, I will but only under sufferance"

Straw brooms

We couldn't find a name for this phobia. Other than maybe Ergophobia – The fear of work.

"The sound of this scraping across a floor weird me out so severely"

Peacock feathers - (Ornithophobia)

The sight of their feathers are enough to trigger an anxiety attack. This phobia covers all birds and their feathers. To overcome this phobia at a mild level one can develop and stick to some self help routines such as positive reaffirmations and visualisations, meditation, or controlled deep breathing. And probably do your best to stay away birds.

"I have never actually seen one before but they terrify me anyway"

Ducks - (Anatidaephobia)

The fear of ducks is the fear that somewhere in the world, a duck is watching you. Heavy. It is important is that if this really is affecting you, you speak to a professional who may be able to help you with some coping strategies.

"These things scare the living shit out of me".

See, I told you my fear of cornflour would end up looking positively sane. Okay, not sane, but I'm no weirder than anyone else right?

For more weird and unusual phobias, check out our gallery:

How about you, what do you have a weird phobia about? Go on, you can't be any weirder than me. And remember, if your phobia is causing you more than general discomfort, please seek professional help.

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